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7 Foods India Can’t Live Without


Indians are known to be foodies. A lot of simple things can make a simple Indian happy, food being one of them. Our relationship with food starts from the very initial days in our lives, where the irresistible aroma of exquisite dishes prepared by our loving grandmothers wafted out from our home kitchens, while we wait for the wait to be finally over. Now there are some foods that Indians are obsessed with. They might claim to have gotten bored with eating them time and again, but you’ll see them eating the same foods without a trace of disliking. Here are foods that Indians just CAN’T imagine to live without. (Disclaimer : We won’t be responsible for any mid-night cravings or just cravings).


Okay the two-minute thing might be just a big fat lie but that surely doesn’t stop us Indians keeping our hands off it. Maggi is actually the common denominator that runs through every household in India. Rich or poor, young or old, everyone loves Maggi. Every kid pestered his mother to make him maggi for breakfast before going to school, and opening your lunchbox and finding Maggi inside would be sort of a dream. Coming home, exhausted, to a hot steaming bowl of Maggi is still something every Indian looks forward to and relishes after a long day of work.



Be it the regular gol gappas from cheap roadside stalls or fancy vodka gol gappas served at lavish parties, everybody loves them. It’s safe to say that no one can eat just one. It is now ordinary to see terrifically dressed girls swarming towards the gol gappa stall at weddings or even at the streets. And not asking from extra paani or puri when you’re finally finished eating is almost a crime. If you’re Indian and you haven’t had a gol gappa eating competition with your friends yet, you’re missing out on a LOT.



Finding a street in India that does not have a Momo seller would someday become a Roadies task. This Tibetan delicacy has found it’s way into every nook and corner of India. Has also been the subject of much outrageous experimentation. A college student’s life is incomplete without this dish. Every Indian has eaten them and finds it pretty hard to pass by a stall that’s selling momos. Served with red hot chili chutney, momos always come to the rescue and helps to calm our taste buds. It is impossible imagining Indian restaurants not serving them.



A mass favorite, Indians swear by this dish’s taste. Family dinners, birthday parties or just a day at the roadside Dhaba, every get together is incomplete, till the time butter chicken is served for the main course. Stopping by roadside Dhabas at the highways and gorging on butter chicken with naans is something all of us have done. Indians, who are non vegetarians, are known to be extremely fond of butter chicken. This is one dish that we Indians are extremely proud of. Whether you belong to Punjab or not, butter chicken is something that every non vegetarian craves for. It is undoubtedly an Indian non-vegetarian’s comfort food.



This is India’s answer to an All English Breakfast. North Indian, South Indian, every household loves aaloo ke parathe with all their heart. We have this rule at my place, that Sunday breakfast should comprise of aaloo ke parathe necessarily, and we’ve been following it religiously, since the time I can remember. Our grandmothers are to be blamed for lacing them with butter and calling us anorexic, when we clearly looked much heavier than we should be. Even when we’re dieting and have sworn off food, we can’t say no to these. Just another perk of living in India.



If you’re on a diet, you better not go ahead with reading this. Or maybe you should. You might realize the amazing delicacies you’re denying yourself. Sweet and crispy and laden with sugary syrup, jalebi is India’s favorite dessert. Or breakfast. Or snack. What we mean is, we can have it anywhere, anytime. Counting calories is certainly the last thing we Indians care about. Jalebi has been India’s favorite for quite a while now. Chatting over a glass warm milk and a plate of jalebi is something we all remember our father and his friends doing in the yard. The perfection with which the confectioner would pour out the batter in perfect spirals from the ball of cloth never failed to fascinate any of us. Even our Bollywood actresses have mastered the art.



Talk of jalebi and the samosa makes no appearance? Impossible. Jalebi and Samosa are like two nonidentical twins with totally different tastes, but both are equally capable and can’t be seen without each other. Kitty parties and tea parties are incomplete without somosas. Filled with spicy mashed potatoes, this savory has always been India’s favorite tea time snack. So much so, even the white house couldn’t keep it’s┬áhands off it when it was served during a dinner hosted by the Obamas for foreign ambassadors. The start of monsoon awakens the irrevocable urge to devour samosas while sipping hot tea.


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