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Five Ways to Tone Your Tush

Pippa Middleton's Derriere got a lot of attention!
Pippa Middleton’s Derriere got a lot of attention!

One of the most neglected parts of the body is also one of the most troublesome parts of the body. So much so, there are now songs dedicated to it. With a perfect set of toned arms, abs and thighs, you need to have a toned derriere to look picture perfect in that short clingy dress. A perfect butt can make or break an outfit. Not long ago, Pippa Middleton’s derriere’s popularity almost surpassed that of her sister Kate Middleton’s wedding to the British royal heir. This is enough proof that your derriere catches more attention than you give it credit. Luckily it is possible to get it in shape with regular attention and the following exercises.
1 Squats-it is the most widely acknowledged exercise for shaping your derriere. It is effective in toning your hips, glutes and thighs all at once. The best part is you don’t need any gym equipment for it. You can easily do it at home. Start with standing in front of a chair with your feet shoulder width apart. Contract your abs, and hold them tight. Now, slowly, bend the knees and start lowering yourself, as if you were sitting on the chair. But control the action, just before your derriere touches the chair. Make sure your knees don’t extend beyond your toes as they bend, and hold the pose for a few seconds. As you rise, contract the glutes and hamstrings and come back to the starting position. Keep your torso straight without bending your back. You can also add pulses to the regimen. Pulses basically involve quick repetition or an up-and-down motion while maintaining the form.

19 june squats
2. Lunges-lunges like squats are also immensely effective. They don’t need any special equipment and are easy to do anywhere. Lunges target your glutes and hamstrings. Place your feet about three feet apart. You can use weights in each hand if possible. Starting with any one leg bent towards the floor, make sure both your knees are bent at ninety degrees. Turn towards one side while your opposite leg is lowered towards the floor. Lower yourself straight down and not by bending forward. Make sure your no-lowered knee is over the centre of that foot and does not go beyond the toe. Keep your abs tight, neck straight and your torso straight as you push through the front heel. Slowly return to the starting position. Now repeat with the other leg. You can also add pulses to the regimen.

19 june lunge
3. Plies- Have you ever wondered why ballerinas always seem to have a pert butt? The credit goes to plies. Plies form a critical element of a ballet dancer’s routine and make sure that ballet dancers never have a sagging behind. Start with your feet placed a little wider than shoulder width apart. Point your toes in opposite directions. Similar to squats, start to lower yourself towards the ground, with your feet firmly placed on the ground. Tuck your tailbone inward. Slowly lower your squat as far as possible. Hold for a few seconds and then come back up. It differs from the squat due to the wider feet distance. This helps to target the glutes more. You can also add pulses to the regimen.

19 june plies
4. Fire Hydrant- This is another great exercise to tone your hips. For easy references, it is pretty much what a dog does every time it has to pee. Lie on the ground on all fours. Now, lift one leg to the side such that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Now slowly lower to the floor. Repeat this a few times with the same leg before switching to the other leg. This works out your butt as well as your thighs even when done for just a few counts.

19 june fire hydrant
5. Donkey Kick- This is similar to the fire hydrant. It can be done in your house and you don’t need to go to the gym either. Start with lying on the ground on all fours. Now lift one leg and pull it towards the chest and then thrust it out behind you with a certain force. You can also try to push it higher up. Now bring it back to the starting position. This makes one count. Repeat this with the same leg a few times before switching to the other leg. This effectively works on your hips due to the kick-like action involved.

19 june donkey kick
One must make sure to do these exercises regularly to ensure successful toning. Initially you might experience pain, but that’s only because you are working out muscle groups that have been dormant for a while. Do not stop exercising altogether. With time, try to increase the duration and counts of each of these exercises to ensure that you don’t hit a plateau. Add variations every time you get stuck in a rut, to avoid stagnation. As your body gets used to a certain set of exercises, it delays responding to the same. This makes the exercise lose its effectiveness. While religiously following these exercises, also accommodate some cardio into your routine. It helps to pump more blood and improve circulation which is necessary for effective toning. So, what are you waiting for, get that ultra fab look with that toned tush.

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