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Five Tips on Dating an Independent Woman


It’s the 21st century and we are in the second decade of this century. This century has been through a lot of ups and downs. Seen so many changes like acceptance of diferent people on a larger basis than it was in the previous century and one of the most important changes that are coming about very slowly from the 19th-20th century is the empowerment of women. It’s an overused topic, but then again women are more independent and empowered than they were in the previous centuries. Supposedly, this whole new breed of empowered and independent women has created a lot of problem for the men. In the previous centuries there were very few women who could choose for themselves, so men got what they wanted and knew how to get things done. But this new breed of women is completely opposite of how women used to be or at least was portrayed to be. Now, she has a mind of her own, knows what she wants and has learned her way around things.

All of this has led to huge changes in the dating game. Most of the men are lost as to what to do and what not to do and some men are just egoistic and do whatever they want to. There are times when the act of chivalry takes a really wrong turn and ends up offending the woman they are on a date with. So here are some simple things you should keep in mind when going out with a women who is completely independent:

1 The Door:


Growing up someone in your family always teaches you to open the door for a women whenever she is walking in or out, irrespective of the fact whether you know her or not. With time that ends up developing into a habit which is a good thing, no doubt about that. But if the woman you are on a date with opens the door for you and asks you to walk first, then you should probably not insist on the fact that she should walk first more than once because that might just be offensive. She doesn’t think of you as a door man that you will hold the door open for her. She can do it for herself and also for you and she sees absolutely no harm in that. But it does not mean that you stop holding the door open for her. So if she does that try not to let it hurt your ego, because that’s not what she is trying to do.

2. The Bill:


Remember the argument you had with her when she said that she wanted to pay her half or maybe the whole bill? She said that because of many reasons. Firstly, she does not think that you are not capable enough to pay the bill. She just doesn’t want to be a liability and she can pay for her own food, as she was paying for her own food before she started seeing you. So it’s no biggie, if she wants to pay then let her pay.

3. Space:


Most men complain that women don’t give them enough space, that they are clingy and want to talk all the time and be with them all the time. Well these women are quite the opposite, even though they like you and really love to spend them with you, but they’d rather do something else than be with you throughout the day for those 365 days of the year. Like you love to hang out with your guys, they love to be with their girls. They also love to spend time alone. It’s not like you aren’t their priority, it is just that they believe in personal space more than anything else. Giving space is one of those things which helps the relationship to last longer, as one tends to be more comfortable, no one likes to be chocked down.

4. Understanding:



One of the many things that men complain about women is that they do not understand the kind of pressure they live in. But they are extremely wrong. Most of these women know exactly what kind of situation one faces at their work place, the pressure and the politics because they themselves go through similar situations. Women have always been good at understanding and handling complicated things, it’s just that they seem to make it look a lot more simpler.

5. Money Wise:



Yes, it’s hard to believe that women can be money wise. Mostly they are seen as impulsive shoppers or even shopaholics at time. But believe it or not women are money wise. They know exactly what thing is worth the money they are spending on. When they like a dress they do not like it because it’s pretty there are a million other factors attached to it. But then that is not the point, the point is that women love shopping and gifts, but if they do not accept a gift from you it’s maybe because they don’t want you to spend money on them. If they wanted to buy something they would’ve gone out and gotten it on their own. What they want is a relationship which is completely emotional and where both are equal when it comes to money.

Yes, women are complicated beings. But then who isn’t complicated? It is not so hard to understand women if one looks at it carefully. At times they don’t know what they want, but then no one is certain about anything in their lives or are we? This new and improved breed of women is less complicated than the others, it’s just that she breaks all the stereotypes.

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