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Five At-Home Exercises for your Upper Body


After covering some really easy, 5 minutes exercises for your lower body, here are some upper body exercises for you. I always keep in mind that the technologically active age has less and less free time now that work and social life has crept into their homes through laptops, cellular phones, iPads, iPhones and what not. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to find a time to unwind and be by yourself. In this hectic schedule, it is even harder to find time to exercise and tone your body. So, my exercises are especially for folks like you. Read through these simple exercises and try to do them whenever you have some time at hand. Be careful to not over-strain yourself. Increase the pace of your exercises gradually, not suddenly.


  1. Body Dip

All you need is a chair for this exercise. Sit on a chair and keep your hands on the seat beside your thighs. Make sure that your palms are flat against the chair seat. After this, put pressure on your hands and lift yourself off the chair. Slowly lower your body below the chair’s seat with the pressure of your hands. Hold for five seconds and lift yourself back on the chair seat again. Do this about five to ten times. You can even do this on stairs. After you have mastered this basic exercise, you can try keeping your legs extended (ninety degrees with your body) during the workout. This workout helps to tone your biceps, triceps.

back extension

  1. Back Extension

For this exercise, you will need to lie down. Lie down with your face on the ground and your back to the ceiling. Now put your hands behind your head to give it some support. After this, gently lift your upper body and pause. Feel how your torso stretches during this pause. After waiting in this position for ten seconds, release your body and lie flat on the ground. Do this about fifty times. After doing this exercise for some days, you will realise that you cannot feel the pull on your torso anymore. This means that you have accustomed your body to this workout and can progress into harder exercises. To get to the next level, lift your feet from the ground when you lift your upper body.

push ups

  1. Push ups

Push ups is the classic upper body workout. To start this workout, lie down on the floor with your face down and back towards the ceiling. Put your palms on the ground beside your chest and push against the floor. Through this pushing action you need to lift your whole body above the ground so that only your toes touch the ground. Relax your elbows and go down again. Push ups are generally difficult since you have to hoist your whole body in one go. But keep trying because the results from this workout are worth it. It sculpts your whole upper body more effectively than any other exercise.


4. Wall Push-ups

For those of you with back problems, you can transform this exercise so that your back is not injured during this workout. Stand in front of a wall, with your face towards the wall and a few feet between the wall and you. Lean towards the wall with your feet firmly in place. Then put your palms on the wall so that they are shoulder-width distance apart from each other. From this position, push against the wall through your palms and hoist yourself back. Hold this position for some second then relax your arms and go back to the leaning position. I have added this exercise because it is essential that we do workouts that are compatible with our existing health problems. Otherwise it will just exacerbate the condition and it will be deleterious to your health instead of helping you.

 arm roll

5. Arm rolling

This workout keeps your arms flexible and taut. Keep one hand stretched up, above your head. Then swing it in a circular motion so that your hand moves from the top to the front, then down and back and back up. Do this at least ten times. After you are doe with one hand, work your next hand in the same way. You feel a stretching sensation in your joint as your arms move rapidly and there is a centrifugal force coming into play. To go further, roll both your hands in the same direction (both clockwise or both anti-clockwise). You can even make it more interesting by rolling your hands in opposite circles. Start with both your hands stretched above your head and move one hand in front and one hand to the back. Controlling this hand motion is very tricky but if you perfect it, it will give you very good results.

As I always mention, make sure you drink lots and of water during and after your workout to compensate for the water lost during sweating. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes that do not restrict your motion. Make sure that you breathe in when you stretch and breathe out when you relax. Having the right breathing rhythm is as essential as the correct pose during the exercise. Lastly, do not over work yourself. A good exercise regime is one that can be sustained for as long as possible, even if it just includes walking everyday.

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