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Fitness Tips: Muscle Recovery


It is always a good idea to step out and get some exercise for you. Some prefer going to the gym and having a core work out, some like doing cardio exercises and some like to do a bit of work at home and maintain their fitness. Being fit is always a big plus for everyone. You become strong and competitive enough to participate in the race of life and you have a healthy living free from any kind of disorder. But what do you do when something comes in way between you and your exercise? The most common spoilsport in such cases is a muscle pull or a muscle strain. It can happen due to over exercise, lack of proper workout or maybe just when you run out of luck and pull up a muscle! Recovery takes time and you are at the mercy of god then. But do not worry. Here are some of the tips which help to recover from such injuries and muscle strains quickly.

muscle strain

Tips for quick muscle recovery!

Drink! Drink! Drink!

This is the most basic of all. You should keep your body hydrated if you want to recover early and in rapid manner from any stress or strain. This helps in removing the toxins from your body and enables smooth functioning of your body muscles. If your muscles do not get sufficient amount of water, they become stiffer and strained which can give you severe pain. So it is always advised to keep your muscles hydrated in every situation.

Apply Creams

All those pain relieving creams can come in handy if you are having some severe pain. You should look for any of those creams and apply it on the affected area as it gives you instant relief from the pain. Most of them contain menthol and other soothing agents which can give good relief to you and you can thus get a good painless sleep. Even if you have had the most tiring muscle workout sessions, these creams are very effective to give you relief.

Apply Ice

Just like the creams can give you muscles some cooling effect, there is the king of all cooling agents doing the same work. You should apply ice on the affected regions to get into fitness perfection again. Ice can also make your senses numb and thus reduce the pain.

Take a good nap!

No matter how bad the injury is, a good nap can always be the most optimum solution for you. You should indulge yourself in this activity whenever you want. When you sleep, your muscles get the much needed recovery time and healing period. During this time, all your body defense cells come together to help you recover from the muscle pull and thus relieve you from pain. A person should sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day in order to stay fit. But for a person who wishes to recover from internal injuries, it is mandatory to sleep for at least 9 hours a day. So do not think you are wasting time by sleeping. Whenever you need to recover, you should turn up top your bed and get a sound sleep.

Do some stretching

Yes, this might sound a little startling to you but you should stretch everyday if you want to have a good recovery. You should indulge yourself in some stretching. The intensity of your stretching depends on how bad your injury is. If you have a very severe injury, you should not do heavy stretching but just mild ones. More importantly, do not stretch if your doctor has advised you to take complete bed rest. In all other cases, you can look up to this method of relieving pain and stress.



Proteins are the nutrients which are linked with muscle growth and muscle development. You should always eat a diet which is high on protein when you are recovering from any of the muscle strains. Include eggs, milk and meat in your diet. If you are vegetarian, you can opt for pulses and nuts for the same. In addition to this, you can drink a bit of protein shakes if you want to heal the muscle pulls quickly. Oat meals in your breakfast and bowl of the same right before you hit the bed at night can make you feel way better the next morning and your chances of getting quick recovery amplifies big time.

How about massage?

Another way of getting good relief and quick recovery is by getting some body massage. Massage enables your body to loosen up and thus eases out the pain. You get the feeling of comfort in no time. Thus a massage during a muscle recovery phase of yours is a good idea to adhere to. So never refrain from getting a massage when you are in a healing phase.


Lastly, you can take some medication if needed. Anti-inflammatory drugs are easily available in the market and you can take them to reduce the pain, unless stated otherwise by your doctor. You can take painkillers at the time when the pain goes beyond the level of toleration. A drug like ibuprofen is a good anti-inflammatory drug to take during a muscle recovery phase.


Stick to these tips and you are bound to make a quick recovery, no matter how severe your injury is. Stay fit!

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