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You fit the Vera Wang, it does not fit you.

Bridal fitness
Bridal fitness

The one event where we find the ladies going absolutely berserk, are weddings, specially when it is their own. Everything has to be perfect, from the flowers, the chandelier, the hors d’oeuvre, the champagne and the honey moon suit. But the most important thing is the dress. We live in a century ruled by Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta’s gorgeous wedding gowns. The dress has to be the best anyone has ever seen, but more important is to fit into them perfectly. I am guessing not too many of you have seen the movie Bride Wars where Kate Hudson could not fit into her Vera Wang after munching on butter sticks for weeks. She had rightly pointed out that you alter your body for the dress and not the other way around. If you are a bride to be then I am sure you have watched all the wedding movies already. There is a lot of stress to deal with and you have to try and that too without turning  into “bridezilla”. Kim Kardashian has recently made the head lines by keeping her own sister as far away from her Paris wedding as possible, so that she does not steal the limelight from her. Crazy right? So instead of the underlying jealousy of your friends’ or cousins’ figure, start working out to tone it up for a trip down the isle. This is how you plan out your wedding fitness program,

9 – 12 months to go:

This is the time when you consider your options. The important thing is to determine your body type and then choose your fitness regime. You need to realise one thing, it is not about looking skinny, it is about looking healthy, so do not over do it. Develop a healthy cardio routine and do it regularly for an hour a day. Make sure you have a trainer, so that you do not end up missing your workout sessions. Half an hour on the treadmill followed by pilates, should be enough for now, since you have a year to intensify your regime. Maintain a regular workout routine, that is of utmost importance. Check out your other options such as Zumba, yoga, tennis, squash, cycling. They are really intense fitness routines.

6 – 9 months to go:

By this point, you have understood which exercises work for you. Start doing weight training during this period. At weddings we tend to toast, throw bouquets and  hug the guests; so toning up those flabby arms is a must. Consult your trainer and start working on your arms. Work on your triceps and your shoulders. Push ups are essential along with dumbbell chest presses and squats. You do not need to lift extreme weights, but just about enough to lose the flabs. At this point, you also have a lot of stress to deal with so make sure you do not lose motivation. Reward yourself with manicures, pedicures and spas if that helps you.

Bridal workout
Bridal workout

3 – 6 months to go:

Now, you are getting close to your big day, so it is time to push yourself more. Increase that one hour a day to two hours. Divide the time up between cardio and weight training. Do not exclude pilates from your routine since it is the most efficient way to tone up your body. During this period you are also faced with a time crunch, but do not miss your workout sessions. We do not want to to gain all the weight you have lost. It sounds harsh, but it is true. You want to be happy when you see yourself in the mirror on your big day, so do not give up.

3 months left!

This is when you have to kick things up a notch. Start the week with your workout sessions, do two hours of cardio and weight training for six days. On the seventh day try doing power yoga along with either swimming or cycling. Swimming happens to be a very effective exercise which works on every part of your body, but beware brides, chlorine is harmful for your hair and skin. If you do not want to risk it, I suggest go for cycling or an intense sport like Squash or Tennis. But make sure it is a blend of all.  What you do during this one period will reflect in your wedding pictures. The svelte look can only be achieved by a mix of cardio and weight training. So keep at it.

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Along with a couple of healthy diet plans and a planned and regular workout session, you will look stunning. Your guy will not take his eyes off you. But eat healthy and stay off the cakes and pastries. Substitute with fat free jelly or a Popsicle for desert. You do need to follow a proper diet so as to not gain too much weight. And with high stress levels we tend to jump for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.  Do not forget to rest, we do not want dark circles or bags under your eyes on the big day. Remember, work out, spa, diet and sleep. Make this your mantra for a year and you will rock the dress.

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