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Feeling low? Turn to Books!


It is totally not a weird thing to be down with stress and feel low at times. Every person in his lifetime does come across situations when one’s mind is all messed up and nothing seems to go in the right desired way. People turn to other people, their friends and family, but still do not find any good way to tackle their stress. So how do you motivate yourself when you are down and your back is against the wall? Where do you seek motivation from? The answer is simple. The most unlikely hero in such situations which comes to your rescue is books. Books help you get over all erratic thoughts and thus enable you to overcome your stress. Here is the list of some motivational books which will turn your face up.

Motivational Books

The Alchemist


This is a fascinating book which is penned down by the famous author Paulo Coelho. The book describes a shepherd boy’s look for the treasure and how he overcomes all odds to get in to the desired pathway. This book beautifully describes the word “life”. Even if you are not a hardcore book lover, you sure would want to treasure this book in your library once you read it. A perfect motivation for all!

Tuesdays with Morrie

The book is written by Mitch Albom. The book is centered around an old man Morrie who is on his death bed. He meets two young men and tells them the meaning of life. The philosophies that circle around the life and its everyday happenings. This book will help you reconcile in reality and get out of your own troubled times. The conversations between Morrie and the two men will give you a totally new perspective towards life. This conversation between a teacher and his students is a must read book when you feel low.

Chicken soup for a soul

The book is written by two of America’s most loved and renowned speakers, motivational speakers to be precise. The book is written by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen. The Chicken Soup series is a very good collection of books which helps you understand life from the perspective of different people. You can totally relate to this book. The book is the answer to all your problems. Whenever you are feeling low or some of your friends are not having the best of times, this is the ideal book that everyone would recommend. This heartwarming book series is simply unmatchable and nothing can get better than this.

The monk who sold his Ferrari


Written by Robin Sharma, this book is a story of an attorney who finds himself on a life changing crusade. The experiences he has and all that circles around him during this phase is a great story to read about. This book is a must include book in your library and you can turn up to this book whenever you need a bit of motivation.

The Seat of the Soul

Written by Gary Zukav, this book is another motivational book on which you can simply bank upon. Oprah Winfrey is a great fan of this book and calls it the best among the lot. The book tells you about everyday problems and how to tackle these with the power that lies within the human soul. There is nothing bigger than the soul inside. If you have courage, you can beat all odds and come up even in the worst of times. This is one of the books which are bound to make you introspect and you will surely end up getting a few solutions from your soul within, if not all.

Still Me

We all love super characters. Superman is a favorite of almost everyone. This book is penned down by Christopher Reeve, who played the role of superman on the theatre screens. This book is not a fiction novel. It describes the problems this young man faced and his motivating story which is bound to lift up your spirits. You simply can’t stay away from this boom once you open it. The inspiring story encaptures your mind and you feel like reading more and more and more!

The Prophet


This is a collection of 26 prose and poetry essays which deal with all aspects of life. From birth to death, from happiness to sorrow; everything is a part on this book written by Kahlil Gibran. This book helps you get unified with the almighty. This book guarantees that you will forget all your troubles and know the real meaning of life when you finish reading it. No matter how many times you read this book, you will always end learning something new or the other.

The Secret

the secret

Written by Rhonda Bryne, this book is a way to achieve everything you want in your life. It tells you about the law of attraction and the power of human mind and soul. This book clearly depicts the story that no matter how adverse the situation is, it is your mind that can overcome it with positive thoughts. A very well written book with a host of living examples make this exemplary and this has made this book popular among the lot. A documentary has also been made on this book. If you don’t have the time to read it, you at least got to watch the documentary when you are low.

When you read these books, you will surely remember the old adage which says “books are our best friends”. Keep reading and stay happy!

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