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Should Fast Food be taxed?


Obesity is one of the Western diseases, which seems to be quickly spreading all over the world, due to the spread of Western Multi-National Fast Food chains across the globe. Almost every city in the country which has free economic trade, has one of these Multi-National Fast Food joints and especially in the capital city, they are just all over the place. One can find one of these Fast Food joints in almost every nook and corner of the city, at least one would be present there.

With the growth of these fast food joints and the quick service they have become a great hit with the people and most of these are not over-priced. So anyone who is running late would prefer get one of these fast food items rather than the healthy food which takes a lot more time to prepare in comparison to the fast food. With time people start getting hooked on to this fast food and this is what they would prefer every time they go out for a meal.

The fast food which is served by these multi-national chains has a great effect on the kids as well. The kids also prefer going to these places and hog like there is no tomorrow. But the problem that these kids and sometimes their parents don’t understand is that these foods have fats which get stuck on to the body and are very hard to lose. Most of the kids these days would rather sit at home and play video games rather than going out and playing a lot of outdoor games, which was a must for almost every person till a few years back. Kids are kids; even the elders do not have the time to go out or make a healthy meal or even to exercise.


Exercising is a very important part, if one doesn’t exercise then these fats and substances remain in our body and when we continue to take in all the fast food on a regular basis it starts to cause more problems than one would anticipate and this constant consumption of these fast foods leads to obesity.

When obesity hits someone it does not come alone, it brings with itself many harmful and fatal diseases. At some point the arteries start to clot up which leads to heart problem. They clot up due to the fat in the body and also because of lack of exercise. But then there are some people who still continue to ignore the harmful effects that these fast foods have on their bodies.

Fast food isn’t only what one gets in chain stores like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc.; they are also what we store in our freezers and the ready-to-eat food. They are alright for consumption only once in a few weeks, but not on everyday basis.

But how to control the growing obesity, as with every coming day a new fast food chain opens up in the corner and there is a huge line already waiting to get their food. The first and the most common way is to eat healthy and exercise. Even if one doesn’t have time to exercise and is not even able to find time to do the same, they should at least eat a bowl of salad or carry a fruit in case of hurry. Fruits and vegetables will help keep your body away from obesity.

One of the most talked about propositions for controlling poverty is whether an extra tax should be levied on the fatty foods or not. It is a commonly known fact that the fast food which we get in these multi-national shops is cheap and it sells because of its prices and if an extra tax is levied on it apart from the general taxes then less people would consume it, as compared to the amount of people which consume it now and even the daily consumption of it would come down drastically. Taxing them would also turn them into a sort of a luxury which could be afforded only on special occasions.

But then again, taxing the food also has its down side. Already there are a lot of different types of taxes which are levied on the items of consumption by the government and levying an extra tax would discourage people in such a way that the business of these companies would come down drastically and their profits would decline which could even turn into losses under some peculiar circumstances. This would also discourage other people from entering into a business of such sort and would also threaten the economy.


Fast food is bad for health and it is beyond debate but then again a little bit of consumption of these foods would not kill. It is good to enjoy fast food, but then again one should also have rich food time and again. Like John Stuart Mill believed that some pleasures are higher than the others, so the rich food and rich wine along with it gives one more pleasure rather than the fast food and sodas. The former have less chances of killing than the first. So go out, enjoy a good rich meal in a fine restaurant next time around when you are out for a meal.

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