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Beauty comes in many senses. As said by Kahlil Gibran,’ beauty is not in the face; beauty is the light in the heart. Everything around you has some kind of beauty, you just don’t notice that. It’s a state of mind being happy with yourself both from inside and out. Being beautiful may not ensure happiness, but happiness always brings in beauty. Now, enough is spoken about beauty in a spiritual sense, but the thing is that, we live in a kick-ass materialistic world, so being beautiful here means appearing impressive and fabulous. Not everyone can be beautiful, right from their birth. They adapt to the available fashion around them and try their maximum to bring out the best of them. ‘The rich are never ugly’, this sarcastic sentence actually means a lot. The Rich always carry a tinge of beauty because they can afford fashion and fashion being the core element of beauty in a material world, it becomes our next area of interest

Let’s start with understanding of the term fashion. Fashion lies everywhere, and everything follows some fashion. More in a general sense fashion refers to the way you dress. Indeed fashion is the best way to tell who you are without actually saying it. As fashion speaks for itself everyone tends to follow some sort of fashion. Out of all fashion trends, the best thing for one is being himself. Well, it doesn’t mean that you don’t catch up with current trends, but should not be swept off the floor by veering fashions. You just don’t change according to the fashion, albeit change the fashion to fit you, at the end of the day you must be yourself satisfied to the core of your heart.

Fashion industry’s annual global revenue is about a whooping $1,200,000,000,000. Yes, there are 11 zeroes after 12 in that sum and that’s what the world spends on fashion and regardless of your acknowledgement, your money too lies in there. Fashion’s like water, keeps on changing to fit the bowl holding it. Fashion changes drastically with the given society in play. And exclusively if the platform is the Indian subcontinent, you must come up with different plans. Indian fashion and the world fashion quite didn’t start at the same place. They have a big difference and good or bad, the fact is India is fast closing the gap to be on par with world fashion. It is the most welcoming and promising market for investors to compete for. Fashion world is huge and it always had a prominent place in a traditional society like India. It introduced many fashion items like nose-rings, armlets, etc…and of course the famous Indian sari, sharwani and many more clothing styles. India, basically being a multicultural society, people adopt different types of fashions in the process of acquiring beauty. Some go with western styles like jeans and denim; some are comfortable with traditional set-in like saris, kurtas, etc…; but majority of people try on everything from western to traditional. Whatever may be your choice, by the end of the day you must be comfortable with whatever fashion you choose. I’ve seen some people wearing tight clothes and other stuff and when asked about all that, they reply- its new fashion! That is a serious mistake. Never get out your comfort zone when it comes to your dressing style.

Your fashion vaguely comprises of three factors. First and foremost noticeable thing is your clothing. Written in Thomas Carlyle’s philosophy, there is a sentence which goes as follows- ‘the first purpose of clothing was not warmth or decency, but ornament’. Clothes give us identity, individuality and social hierarchy. They literally made us social beings out of human beings. They are never fatuous, they always mean something. Many consumer-good industries overcome profit and loss, according to market’s play, but clothing industry boats of an evergreen demand.


Next to clothing are footwear and other accessories. Accessories account for all the things ranging from watches to jewelry. Just like it happened in the case of Cinderella, right footwear can make your life, a lot better. Even small details such as your watch being digital or analog make a difference when it comes to accessories. Make a right pick and you will be boosting your beauty. Talking about jewelry; while clothes and accessories give a status, jewelry gives you a unique identity. Jewelry commonly consists of ornaments made from gold, silver, platinum and ivory. Albeit associated with women, men too are into jewelry with chains, rings etc., but in their case jewelry are rather passive and only worn on special occasions.


Though the important factors are discussed above, there are many other factors that contribute to the fashion sense in you. And one must try to appreciate beauty in every possible way. Nevertheless how busy you are, allot time for fashion. It makes you feel confident and also people often stare at you, so make it worth their while.

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