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Fading Relationship? Spark it up!


The most celebrated relationships of all are the relationship between two lovers. Well, this is a much known fact. And why wouldn’t it be? The feeling is so unique(unless you are the b letter word or a playboy). You feel as if there is someone who cares for you, who is alive juts to be with you, who wishes to spend all his/her life in your embrace. The moment you see your partner, you feel like snuggling in their arms and saying how much you love them. But with time, there is a slight diminishing of this love. People get irritated and all of a sudden, you start thinking that the person is changed or the time itself has changed. To put in a nutshell, you feel that the relationship is fading away. Do not worry. You can always get things right back on track. Here is the list of thing you can do to kindle the spark again in your love life.


Things to Sparkle a Fading Relationship

Golden memories

You can always bank on your glorious past to get your relationship back on the right path. Try to recall those good memories you both shared. If your partner isn’t in the best of moods to talk, try to make up a card or write a letter to remind them of the memories you shared. It does sound a little soppy to write a letter in this modern age but you simply can’t deny the fact that these things do have a great impact. When you share old memories, the feeling in the heart lights up again and the same aura of love can be felt.

Get intimate

Yes. It does sound a little lusty or on the physical side of the relationships but this works as well. You should know that there was a time you used to die to get into the arms of your partner and all the endless kisses were the best moments you could ever imagine of. So you exactly know what to do when you see your relationship fading. Get close, get the hormones triggered and sparkle up your dwindling relationship. There is no better way to show your lover how much you miss them and love them than kissing them endlessly.


Flirt a little!

Remember how tough it was to set up your first date? You used to flirt like anything in order to bring a smile on your partner’s face and to see them blush. This is what you need to do again. Never let your partner get bored of you. Always continue to keep them happy by flirting every now and then to keep them interested. You never know you could get lucky for the second time with the same person.

Light up your night life

Well, be it an indoor private party or the outdoor parties, dress up to please your partner. You know what your partner loves to see you in, so dress up accordingly. This is a very simple trick to get close to you partner. If you know that your lover has some sort of fetish, then why not spice up your personal life with sensuous clothing to trigger the hormones. And if you stepping out, dress up in the most elegant way and make your lover fall for you all over again!

Visit places

Remember all the good memory places. You can always rejoice and rethink about the times you spent their. You can share smiles and a bit of laughter by remembering the good old memories. These places have a special positive vibes and aura that can help to set your mood right. If you have such hangouts with your partner, make sure you are there every time you both meet one another.

Accept stark realities

Nobody is perfect in this world. If your partner has done some mistake, try to forgive them. Do not bully them if they are accepting their mistakes and trying to make up for the wrong doings. You should know that they are apologizing because they know that you are more important for them than their ego. Do not live in pasts and who your partner dated. Never ever try to enquire. The moment to try to know the things of their past, I can guarantee you of a break up, unless you have a heart of steel. These past memories can hamper, and will hamper your present relationship. So let those be in the secret books. And if you trust your partner, say it all. Do not hide anything.


Be honest

This is the last and the most important part of the discussion. You should be honest to your partners. Never lie or hide anything from your partners. Have faith in them that they would understand your precarious situations and instead of fighting with you, they would stand by your corner saying they love you. In case this does not happen, and contrary to what has been said, you partner gets real frustrated and leaves you, then there is no point in being with someone like them. Because, if the feeling is true, no matter how big the setback, your partner will continue to love you the same way.

Try these sure shot ways to sparkle a fading relationship and witness the results.

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