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Expecting a Baby? Avoid these foods!


The most joyous feeling for any married couple is when they have a child. It is a moment when they feel they have everything and they start imagining their world with a family that would be complete. People start planning a lot. Right from decorating the rooms to getting toys in advanced to deciding names for their baby and what not. The list is endless and why wouldn’t it be; it is a great feeling for the would be parents anyway. But during pregnancy, there are certain food items that can not only give problems to the mother but also the baby. So why would you let some handful of food items hamper all your dreams, plans and aspirations? Here is a list of food items you should avoid during pregnancy.

Foods To Avoid!


Ice cream

Sounds strange? But it is the fact. Do not consume icecream during pregnancy. You may crave your favorite icecream but try staying away from it. Icecream may contain uncooked eggs which can have salmonella in it. This is a harmful microbe which can cause severe damage to your baby and also your own health. So opt for natural ice cream or make sure you eat icecream made up of completely pasteurized milk.


You may eat fish during pregnancy but only a certain handful breed of fishes are safe to consume in such a time. Do not eat king mackerel or tile fish as they have high levels of mercury in it. This thing is certainly not what you want during pregnancy. It would lead to miscarriage. The bigger the fishes get, the more mercury content it has. So try eating the small fishes if at all you cant leave your craving for fishes for the nine month long period. You can eat shrimp, salmon or catfish. Tuna is something you can consume but limit its usage to about 4 ounces a week; certainly not more than that!

Uncooked/ Undercooked Meat

Consumption of undercooked or uncooked meat is directly linked with the bacterial food poisoning which can cause adverse effects on you. Consume meat when they are steaming hot and are fully cooked. Also, try to avoid the refrigerated food items, the meat, as they take more time to get cooked and thus there is every possibility that you may not have enough patience to cook them to the highest steam levels. In addition to this, cook the eggs thoroughly till both the egg yolk and the egg white are firm and in complete consistency.


Unpasteurized Milk

The moment we here unpasteurized food item, the thought of milk comes to our mind. Do not consume unpasteurized milk during pregnancy. It is one of the most harmful foods and contains campylobacter, E.Coli, Listeria and salmonella; all these could ruin your baby growth in no time. Thus it is advised to take pasteurized milk. Even if your vendor or brand tells you that the milk is pasteurized, make sure you boil the milk before consumption. This will certainly help in killing all the harmful and deadly bacteria.

Unpasteurized Juice

Not just the milk products but also the fruit and vegetable juices must be pasteurized if you want to be on the safer side. Just like the unpasteurized milk, even these juices contain harmful bacteria such as E.coli which is not at all a friendly bacteria. So refrain from taking such foods, the unpasteurized juice!

Ready made Salads

Salads are something that we think completes our food. But it is safe only if you make it at home. During pregnancy do not eat the ready made salad packets that are available In the market. These contain a hell lot of preservatives and ofcourse the bacteria groups such as the listeria. Moreover, you should also avoid eating salads at the restaurants. It is often a good idea to have an eat out with friends or family to keep your mood jovial during pregnancy. But the salads served in the hotels and restaurants give you no assurance that they are fresh. Salads are often made in advanced and thus are left unserved at times. In such cases, the bacteria growth develops in it and this can be one of the harmful foods during pregnancy. So better you get your salad prepared at home and enjoy responsibly.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese is made up of unpasteurized milk and as explained above, this is a non friendly food item. People often do not notice the making or the composition of foods especially in the case of cheese and dairy products. So make sure you check the label for the contents and ensure that it is not made up of unpasteurized milk before you actually eat cheese. Opt for hard cheese such as cheddar cheese or the swiss cheese which are made up of pasteurized milk.


Raw or Undercooked sprouts

Raw sprouts are certainly good for health and are high in proteins. But you do not really need to include these in your diet when you are expecting a baby. Raw or undercooked sprouts contains salmonella and E. coli. So the only advise would be to eat thoroughly cooked sprouts.


Frutis like papaya are not at all advised during pregnancy. This leads to the death of baby in the womb itself. Try to avoid papaya during pregnancy.

The feeling of becoming a parent is always a joyful one. So don’t let a handful of food items to ruin it. Celebrate motherhood and consume sensibly.

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