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Here is why you should exercise!


Sitting back lazily in your couch, being called as a couch potato by your mother, having a bowl of popcorn in your hand and of course the television is tuned in. Such a pleasant sight it is, isn’t it? Well, but a lazy lifestyle could cause some serious problems to you. Right from becoming lazy and obese to having mental stress and also many other disorders. It is highly important for you to indulge in some sort of physical activity for at least half an hour every day. No one is asking you to hit the gym and work out big time; it is just a suggestion to have some exercise at home. You could go out for a walk, jogging in the morning or even some exercises like push-ups, pull ups or squats at home. These will not only help your muscles to get strong but also make you fit and free from many disorders! Still wondering why you be exercising every day? Keep reading.

Reasons why you should exercise!


No more stress

It is a well-known fact that your physical fitness has a lot to do with your mental fitness. The people who exercise daily are less prone to mental stress and anxiety related problems. They have a healthy attitude towards this kind of problem. Exercising relieves you from traumatic mental stress. Moreover, when you start exercising, you have nothing else in your mind. You soon start realizing that you have successfully eliminated all the unwanted thoughts from your mind and are at the peak of a condition which is known as well-being.


Good sound sleep

When you exercise, your body starts functioning in a dynamic manner. You start realizing that you need to put in more and more efforts in order to cope up with the exercises. The more effort you put in, the more your muscles work. Just like every machine needs some cooling time after a long run, your body and muscles also need a relaxation time after the work-out. When you complete tour exercise, you feel fresh but after some span of time, you start feeling a few niggles here and there which is actually good for you. This prompts you to rest and you get a very good sleep after that. This mental state of having a very good sleep can help you be very happy and dynamic. When you sleep well, your brain tends to function well. In addition to this, the sleep is also important for your muscles to relax. This helps in making your muscles strong again.

Good immune system

This is related to the previous point. When you exercise, your body gets rejuvenated and active. This dynamic nature of your body helps all your body systems to function in the right way. The blood circulation is good, the digestion becomes good and your brain functioning gets amplified as well. All of this contributes to a good immune system. Researchers have found out that the ones who exercise daily are less prone to damages and diseases in body. They are the more fit individuals. When you exercise, the release of stress-related hormones is slowed down. Stress is not just emotional – it is very physical. By decreasing those hormones, you improve your health. When you exercise, the bacteria from your lungs get flushed out and also the cancer causing bacteria are damaged by the action of good muscle and organ functioning. So never miss a chance to exercise and do whatever you can or you think is feasible. Go out for a walk or simply stay back at home and do a little bit of work with the skipping rope. Everything is bound to function in the best possible way for you.

Monitor your own weight

There are always two categories of people. Some of them do not want to put on weight and some of them are troubled because they are unable to put on weight. No one is happy with their body. But here is the solution. Exercising is the solution for all these problems. There are different types of exercises which are meant for losing weight and gaining weight. All cardio exercises like running, skipping, jogging, cycling etc. are the exercises which will help you to shed a few pounds from your body. On the contrary, if you hit the gym and do some mass gaining exercises, you are bound to get good results from them. Exercising improves you appetite and you tend to eat more than your usual eating habits. This leads in more intake of food and obviously it leads to mass and weight growth. So exercises are the one stop solution for all your weight issues. You can monitor your weight by exercising.


More energy

Exercises give you more energy and your physical endurance improves by leaps and bounds. Whenever you exercise, you get more stamina and energy. As stated above, exercises help to increase your appetite. More food intake is related with consumption of more calories. The more calories you take, the more energy you get to burn the calories down. This is the mantra behind the funda of exercises.

In addition to all of this, and probably most importantly, exercises give you a good jovial food. Your mood is always on the happier side and you learn to enjoy life. So exercise daily and stay fit!


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