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Everyday Activities that Keep you Healthy


This generation doesn’t know how to stop. Or simply pause.

And naturally, whatever cannot be stopped goes on to an extreme, from which point there is no return. On this never-ending journey of ours, we encounter all sorts of good and evil which affect us in more ways than one. Well, usually, the good ones are either forgotten or ignored while the evil ones stay with us and continue to cause trouble at the expense of our happiness.

Our health, be it mental or physical, is the first to get affected in the rush to climb the ladder of success. In our attempts to be extraordinary, to reach the pinnacle of success, many activities have been sacrificed. Activities with which we have been used to right since the moment of our creation have been done away with, in order to make way for supposedly smarter and more efficient options. People are so obsessed with the “latest trends” and updates on “how to improve your life?”, that they forget to scrutinize or even take notice of what is already present in their lives.

In the rush to be healthy and beautiful, we ignore the daily activities that have always kept us healthy. surprisingly, these activities are nowadays considered “tiresome” and “time-consuming”. Some would say that it is a luxury. Let’s take a look at all those “luxuries” which deserve to be had by one and all…


idle 5

Oh yes. Did you know that if you did this activity more often, you could lose up to 18 pounds a year? I bet you didn’t know that. Too much of “did you know”? Get a walk and clear your mind.

Walking has a host of benefits ranging from controlling body weight to reducing blood pressure and the risk of dying from cardiac diseases. In spite of all this, people seem to prefer cars and other means of “deliver-at-your-doorstep” options.

2. Smiling/Laughing.

idle 3

Unfortunately, this awesome activity has just been reduced to “LOL”. Smiling and laughter causes facial muscles to move in a way that it causes the brain to release endorphins, thus acting as a stress-buster and mood-enhancer. And, a hearty laugh replenishes your cells with a fresh burst of oxygen, a phenomenon comparable to exercising your whole body. Still reading with a grim expression?

3. Climbing stairs.


Do I hear groans?

With elevators and escalators, stairs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. A British research has shown that climbing stairs burns more calories, increases heart rate, tones the body and even strengthens the core muscles. Lucky are they who still live in old buildings having stairs and no elevators.

4. Running.


Who has the time for this?

Morning joggers and runners, in general, will immediately agree with me. The main difference between jogging and running might be the intensity, but the health benefits remain the same. Lucky are those who often have to run a mile to catch a bus!

5. Intimacy


Well, I’m no expert on this, but I’ve talked to people experienced in this area and most of them swear by its benefits. Some of the effects include a glowing skin, healthier hair, promoting collagen formation resulting in younger-looking skin, lowering blood pressure, easing stress and helping in good sleep. And oh did I mention that it helps in toning and weight loss?

6. Dancing.


Ah! Finally, something that adds a bit of color to this article. And some moves, too. Dancing is something not associated with monotony and hence it acts as a real booster for people who cannot practice fixed postures each day in order to lose weight. Old or young, boring or fun; dancing relieves everybody. Apart from losing weight, it increases balance and coordination, improves memory and cognitive abilities, strengthens bones and yes, provides enjoyment. It acts as a real stress-buster and helps keep sadness and sloth at bay. This is true of painting, writing, sculpting and all other creative activities, which we often call “hobbies”.

7. Reading.

fairy 3

The joys of sitting with a book and getting immersed in the lives of others. No other activity provides so much of a mental satisfaction as reading. It relaxes you and relieves you of all your pressures and stresses.

8. Music.


Like the fragrance of a flower, the notes of a melody pierces through all our senses, making us aware of the beauty an existence of a world, which is pretty much a part of this Earth, yet so much removed and more beautiful. Listening to music calms our senses and is increasingly being used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities as a replacement for medicines. It has been found from researches that people with high blood pressure can train themselves to control their pressure if they listen to relaxing music twice a day. What’s more? Listening to music of different parts of the world helps listeners to learn new languages, and in turn, help them to understand the message being tried to convey, enabling in cross-cultural exchange.

At least five of the above mentioned activities are performed by you with little or some intensity, without even knowing their immense health benefits. Now that you are a bit more aware of what’s good for your health, time to do these a little more!

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