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The eternal source of Happiness: Meditation


“Dhyana is the generic Sanskrit term for meditation, which in the Yoga Sutras refers to both the act of inward contemplation in the broadest sense and more technically to the intermediate state between mere attention to an object (dharana) and complete absorption in it (samadhi). “ – Monier Monier-Williams, A Sanskrit-English Dictionary


The above explanation of the word ‘meditation’ in its literal sense as well as the essence of it generates a tinge of sensation in today’s modern life. How can a person completely absorb something? Is that even possible?-are only some of the various questions that arise in your mind.

However difficult this is to understand, we would not go into the technicalities of meditation or the meaning of it. What we would think about here is the ultimate effects it has on the human body and as a matter of fact, the human mind.

Meditation can be easily understood as relaxation of mind and body for a given period of time preferably with closed eyes. It is the process of concentrating upon oneself, which is by default, one of the most needed things in the ‘scientific’ world. When we concentrate upon ourselves we generate huge amounts of energy within ourselves, which indirectly helps us to take up tasks in our life much more gleefully and efficiently.

One of the most plausible ways to practice meditation is to practice breathing exercise. It is very often said that it unites the positive energy of the universe with the mind. In fact, breathing deeply in and out to the highest capacity of your lungs makes you calm and relax. Common problems like blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol etc. can be easily controlled by meditation. The next time you get a headache, just close your eyes, sit straight and breathe deeply. This is far better than taking a painkiller that further destroys your nerve cells.

Regular meditation can ease the tension out of our minds very easily. The famous dialogue from Hirani’s blockbuster ‘Three Idiots’ conveys a similar thing – All izz well. When you meditate your mind understands that all is well. Prolonged meditation over months can make your mind far more nicely organized so that next time you face a haphazard situation it tells itself – all izz well, and continues to think of the possible solutions.

Not only this, researches have found out that people who practice meditation and yoga have the generation of far more ‘disease fighting genes’ than those who do not.

Meditation done sitting in front of the rising sun with birds chattering on your back and leaves swirling due to the gentle breeze blowing through your hair is the best way to begin a day. People practicing meditation on a daily basis find their skin to be more beautiful and glowing, hair shinier and mood very happy. Meditation and deep breathing are good ways to develop positive attitude and confidence. Having your mind at the right position in bad times is something all of us tend to lack. Meditation can help us with all our anger problems as well.

Stress is one of those things, which are killing people incessantly. The only difference is that, stress kills you from your mind rather than ‘actually’ killing.

“On a biological level, stress is linked to fight-flight and danger,” Dr. Jane Flamming, a London GP, says. Whichever meditation practice used has almost similar effect on our biological processes. Meditation switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is linked to better memory, digestion and ultimately a better life.

Another great effect of meditation and being relaxed is release from emotional turmoil. All the neurotic behavior, which has resulted from a traumatized and difficult emotional past, can be resolved to some extent through meditation. Of course, it is extremely difficult to get rid of such emotional imbalance fully, but meditational processes help a lot to better your emotional state of mind.

The effects of meditation and other relaxational activities are found to increase with practice.

Meditation can be combined with the chanting of the word ‘Om’ as it is considered to be the word consisting of universal sounds. This can cure people’s problems with throat and voice. Also, the calmness provided by meditation isn’t only for one’s own mind or body, but it makes you feel that you are in the world of surreal peace. It isn’t very hard to imagine what a world would we be able to build, if all the people in it were so calm and quiet and organized. Creativity would go to its farthest extent possible. Productivity and efficiency would touch extreme heights and what not.

The wonderful thing about meditation is that when it is practiced, you feel deep down inside, subconsciously looking over all your life’s incidents and happenings. You tend to believe in yourself and your passion. You feel very much encouraged to work for the things you have faith in. And needless to say, you get a better perspective of life and the World, which further helps you in living a great life. Hence, meditation is not something only to be taken as a daily routine. It is something to be entered into deeply, taken as a blessing and practiced daily so as to fly high with all your consciousness combined with your subconscious mind.

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  1. Sanjana… A well organized writing… Dhyana or meditation is probably the reason of longer life span of our ancestors. Not only is this helpful for physical fitness but also for the mental organization. A few minutes of solitude which for me is the definition of meditation helps me to solve most of my troubles and if not, gives the courage to face it.

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