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Eat, Drink and be Merry


“There is no sincere love than the love of food” — George Bernard for food

Food has always intrigued and fascinated mankind. Whether or not a person has ‘a gargantuan appetite’ is not what counts in because food has forever been an intrinsic part of one’s life for the basic cause of survival. Be it anger or contentment, agony or ecstasy,  food has always been an integral part of our life and will always remain. Be it a difficult phase of life and food has never failed to evolve one as a strong human as it not only creates a temporary diversion but also helps in bringing back that joy of living. While some people just eat to live there are umpteen who just live to eat. Even in the phase of utter darkness of dieting one just can’t give a halt to the thoughts of one’s favorite dishes- it adroitly creeps into one’s mind, making one just long for a bite. Truly, for some poor souls dieting really becomes far more difficult than dating. Now for us youngsters tasteless, nutrient rich food works well considering the fitness fanaticism but the other thing which we often indulge in is going on street food hogging drives. We love to thrive on the food cooked and served hot in the open –air streets. Despite the number of restaurants and food courts, the urban population largely depends on pampering their taste buds atleast once in a while with the roadside delicacies. After all how can one stop relishing on the crispy bhelpuri, phuchkas and other mouth watering food items. Not to forget the amorphous popcorn. Have you ever ruminated on the miracle of an innocent popcorn? It starts out as a tiny, little, compact kernel with mystery trapped inside it. When agitated, it bursts to create something marvelously desirable and enthrallingly delicious. Thus, the list seems just endless.

pav bhaji  papri chat

However, when we talk about spicy street food, one can never miss out mentioning Kolkata’s favorites. With the mighty Ganges and the majestic Vidyasagar Setu in the backdrop, Prinsep Ghat doesn’t fail to create a niche for itself. It is one of those places in Kolkata where you can relax, enjoy, the cool breeze coming from the Ganges and simultaneously give your tastebuds a treat too. Prinsep Ghat is dotted with food stalls pouring out quantities of tea in the morning .When the dawning brings brightness into life and enlivens people to start the day with energy and intensity and it goes on with the variety of sweet and spicy things in the evening. The pav- bhaji stalls look tempting with the beautiful dressings and standing on a high pedestal and forfeited by vegetables and buns, the cook looks quite formidable to begin with. But once you start talking , they are full of stories to allure and spellbind an audience. Finger licking and lip smacking food, the pav-bhaji vaals’s are confident of their sales, be it rain or shine.  Lord Sinha Road stretching just outside AC Market is another food lovers heaven. After the hectic shopping hours at the market, shoppers can take a quick bite of the jhal muris and the phuchkas. Spicy food lovers can also check out the vendors offering “ chana garam” which is greatly accompanied by a strong soda shikanji or a sweet kulfi. Camac Street is yet another place for foodoholics.  There is hardly anyone who can resist themselves from indulging in moong dal vadas with pudina (mint)  or chilli garlic chutney. Other specialties include papri chat, batata puri and many more. Dalhousie  the main commercial hub of Kolkata has many roadside stalls selling samosas, sweets, chola batura, biriyani to tickle one’s mouth. Russell street is yet another area popular for its street food. Bhel puri, papri chat, sandwiches, momos, noodles- one gets everything under the same roof as if the place has displayed an assortment of food for the food lovers. Also, to mention about the dhabas and chic-looking eateries which also acts as a refuge at times to the hungry stomachs. The lingering taste of street food in Kolkata has its own magic and compels one to come back for more. Be it the simple peanuts or the lavish dishes of a fish curry Kolkata undoubtedly has it all.

kfc chicken   junk food

Now coming to the bit sophisticated food zones which too has a deep rooted connection somewhere to our souls. Some of the popular eating places in every city of India include McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Café Coffee Day. From kids clamoring for a sub to the teenagers chilling out with the special burgers on their menu, these places serve as a family restaurant and the treat tends to retreat for all. The burger accompanied by the French fries and a glass of coke serves as a life saver for many of us during those phases of extreme intolerable hunger. Another added advantage is that no one stares at a group of youngsters not chaperoned and you can be left to one’s self and enjoy a decent meal.

So, indulge your senses and eat, drink and be merry. Let your world solely revolve around food.

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