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Easy Ways to Beat the Heat!


Is the sweltering summer getting you down? Here are some amazingly simple ways to beat the heat.
1. Look cool to stay cool
Wear light coloured clothing. It reflects the harsh sunlight falling on you and prevents your body from absorbing too much heat. Loose fitting clothes allow air to circulate, especially clothes made of cotton. Your body needs to be free to ‘breathe’.
2. Eat salads
Cucumbers, tomatoes, leafy vegetables have lots of water inside them. Consuming them increases the amount of water in your blood, which cools your body. So, throw in a plate of salad between your meals.
3. Stay indoors
Avoid going outdoors between 11 am to 3 pm. The Sun rays are most intense during these times and can take away most of your energy. So, draw your shades and spend time reading your favourite book or spending time with your family.
4. Swim
For the fitness lovers out there, swimming is the perfect sport for the summer. Not only does it help you to work every muscle in your body but it is a great way to beat the heat. The water keeps your body from heating up during the exercise and even helps to keep your body hydrated.
5. Drink juices
Drink juice, and LOTS of it! Experiment with different fruits- watermelon, lemon, grape or any other available at your supermarket. Fresh fruit juices work best for your body. They help to keep a constant supply of nutrients, minerals and water going inside the body. This is very important because excessive sweating during the summer months makes you lose them very rapidly.
6. Eat smaller portions, eat frequently
It is a good idea to decrease your food intake per meal. At the same time you should have more meals. The scientific principle behind this is that eating too much food at one time makes your stomach work that much faster to digest. This produces lots of heat within your body. It is best to lessen the amount of food you have in one meal, but eat more frequently.
7. Take cold showers
Frequent baths help cool your body. Maintaining a low body temperature is the key to beating the heat. They also remove the excessive sweat produced during the summer months and unblock your pores. This helps your body breathe properly. If water from your tap is too hot, mix some ice cubes in it. Ice melts
8. Eat an ice-cream or an ice-pop
This is by far the most appetizing way of cooling down. Head down to the shop and treat yourself and your friends to ice creams and ice pops. Try out a bunch of flavours and even keep large stock in your freezer
9. Save electricity
Laptops, desktops, washing machines, electric stoves and other appliances generate a lot of heat when they work. Try working with them in the evening or early in the morning when it is cooler outside and inside.
10. Let the breeze in
Keep your house well ventilated- open your doors and windows. Do this when it is cool outside so that a cool breeze circulates throughout your house or apartment. Keep your windows open at night (only if you are in a safe neighbourhood!) and enjoy sleeping as if you were in the cool outdoors.
11. Home-made cooling drapes
Here’s a neat trick to keep you and your room cool. Open your window when it is hot outside and cover it with a wet piece of cloth. Hot winds from outside will evaporate the water in the cloth and lose their heat. The final breeze that enter will be pleasantly cool.
12. Abstinence is cooler
You heard that right! So, stash away your bottles of alcohol for a few months. Alcohol makes the body heat up, which you might have figured out is the opposite of what you want in the already hot day.
13. Cover yourself
Protect yourself when you go out. Applying sun block on your skin is not enough. Carry an umbrella around. Protect eyes from the Sun’s glare with a cool pair of sun glasses. Wear long sleeved but loose fitting clothes to save your skin from the scorching Sun.
14. Avoid caffeine
Avoid drinking coffee or tea, whether they are cold or hot. Caffeine and sugar heat up your body. For those who cannot imagine starting a work day without a cup of strong coffee, try switching to water which is also a great stimulant for your body.
15. Stay calm
Any kind of stress or mental agitation works against you in the summer and heats up your body. It increases the heart rate which makes your heart pump blood faster. This in turn generates a lot of body heat. So relax, don’t strain yourself. Conserve your energy and take a cool sip of water.
16. Take cool naps
Another neat summer is trick is the frozen blanket. Take your favourite blanket and keep it in the freezer. Since it is not wet you will not find frost on the blanket. When you are sleeping, cover yourself with this frozen blanket to keep your body cool.
17. Drink water
Drinking water is the ideal way to get through ugly summers. Always keep a bottle full of water nearby. Water is best way to keep your body hydrated and cool. It even improves blood circulation in your body. You can mix a few drops of lemon and teaspoonful of sugar to jazz things up but water alone is the strongest cure for surviving harsh summers.

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