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Easy recipe for a Lime cheesecake


“What I’ve enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn – I love it!”

– Jamie Oliver


It is one of the most lovable desserts in the world. It’s easy to make and doesn’t require much work to it. There are various ways to make a cheesecake but apparently people tend to get confused due to the much complicated recipes that are available elsewhere. It isn’t difficult as it seems to be, there are much simpler ways to make a cheesecake and get a good outcome.

Here is a easy recipe for a lime cheesecake which if you follow, you will get the best results each time.

Lime Cheesecake


1) Butter

2) Digestive Biscuit (Big Pack)

3) Cheese Cubes (8 packets)

4) Whipped Cream (2 packets)

5) Nestle Cream (1 tin)

6) Jelly (1 packet of any flavor you like and 1 of lime)

7) Milk Powder (4-6 tablespoon)

8) Vanilla Essence (optional)

9) Milk




1st Layer:-

– Take the biscuits and put them in the mixer and mix them.

– Take a pan and melt proportionate amount of butter into it. After the butter is melted add the crushed biscuits into it and mix them well.

– After the above mixture is ready spread it in the cake plate evenly and leave it in the fridge to set while you prepare the second layer. (Do not keep the layer of the biscuits too thick i.e. not more than 1 cm)


2nd Layer:-

– Take a bowl and add the 8 packets of cheese cubes into it along with the 2 packets of whipped cream. Mix them well(preferably with an egg beater)  and make sure there are no lumps remaining inside else the cake will not set evenly.

– Then add the rest of the ingredients i.e.  1 tin of nestle cream, the lemon jelly powder (Pour the jelly powder in 450 ml of hot water and then add it or follow the instructions on the packet), milk powder, vanilla essence(Add a minimum quantity, else the taste of vanilla will be too overpowering) and 5 tablespoon of milk.

– Beat the above mixture properly and make sure it’s uniform in texture without any lumps.

– Remove the cake plate from the fridge and spread the second layer above the first layer evenly. Take the plate and leave it in the fridge again to set.


3rd Layer:-

– Take the jelly crystals of your preferred flavor and pour it in 450 ml of hot water or follow the instructions given on the packet.

– Pour it over the second layer and leave it in the fridge to set for half an hour.


Make sure the cake is completely set before you demould it. Since it contains cheese, cream and milk there are chances that the layers might slide if not properly set. 30 minutes is the usual time the cheesecake requires to set, but if the cake isn’t set perfectly you can leave it in the fridge for another 20 minutes or so. The cheesecake after it is made can be kept for a week or so but not longer. it is advisable not to keep the cheesecake for more than a week because it will go bad. The leftover cheesecake must be kept in the fridge and not outside for it to be good for about a week.

Be sure to follow the recipe the way it is given else the outcome will not be good or as expected. The quantities of the cheese whipped cream and milk have to be in the same quantity else cake will not set and won’t have the proper texture.

The above cheese cake can be made from any flavor of jelly that an individual likes, one can use any combination he/she likes. Use the proper flavors for the combinations so the overall taste of the cake is good.

There are many recipes of how to make a cheesecake without the jelly also by many chefs in the world. The link below is a recipe of a cheesecake by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

You can garnish the cake with cream on the top to make it more presentable.

Food as we know is best enjoyed with good company. After you make this lime cheesecake be sure to call over a couple of your friends or family and share with it them. The recipe is also quite easy and not all that complicated, share it with others the recipe and the cheesecake as well. It will increase the joy of having the cheesecake and will also make it worthwhile.


“My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days.”

– David Mixner

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