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Easy Nail Art Techniques (Part 2)


Now that you are on my second page of nail-art designs, I am hoping that you liked my first page and tried some on yourself and on your girl friends. Here is another edition of trendy nail art. These techniques are between easy and moderate difficulty. Enjoy!

  1. Fancy tips

This is a very simple design but requires some patience and precision. Color your nails with a base layer of nail polish. Let it dry. Then carefully make a thin outline with a contrasting colour. This looks just just like French manicured tips but with a dash of colour. It looks very for formal engagements since it is a sober design. If you want to jazz things up a bit, you can paint different nail with different colors and tips.

funky ends

  1. Embossing

This design looks fabulous and is surprisingly easy to do. It is pretty much like a masked version of polka dots. Color your nails with black nail polish and let the base coat dry. Take some transparent nail colour and a toothpick. With the pointed end of the toothpick, add some spots on the nail polish and you are done. Wasn’t that easy for producing such a pretty effect? It may be hard to sight immediately but those fashion-savvy friends of yours are going to spot this touch right away. Feel free to try out different base colors.

shiny black

  1. Dotted Triangles

This is a combination design which uses skills learnt in the earlier tutorial. You can start with a base layer of a lighter color-say light pink. Paint all your nails in that colour and allow them to dry. Now, cut out a scotch tape triangle with a broad base and stick it on your nail. The placement should be such that the apex of the triangle, opposite to the broad base, is placed near the tip of your nail. Be sure to leave some space between the edge of your nail and the edge of the triangle. Now, fill the open area with a darker color and when it is dry peel off the tape. To add some more design, we’ll put some polka dots. Take a toothpick and put large white spots on the dark colour. After they are dry, make smaller dots on top of the white dots with the toothpick. You will end up with cute concentric dots on the darker part of your nail which will provide another later of contrast against the light part. The combined effect is exquisite.

triangle polka dot

  1. Checkerboard

This is also from the pool of scotch tape designs that I have. Our aim is to have chequered designs over your nails. Choose a combination of colors- red and black, black and white, golden and red and so on. Suppose that I have chosen red and black. As a first step, I apply black on all my finger nails. Then I wait for it to dry. Carefully, I take two pieces of scotch tape and make a right angle. This, I need to stick on my nail so that it leaves a square-shaped open area in one corner. I paint the open space in red and allow it to dry. After it dries, I peel off the tape and I have a pretty red corner sitting on a black background. Next, I take two more pieces of tape, cross them at ninety degrees and stick it at the bottom-inward corner of the red square. I have to place it in such a way that the open area makes a square starting at the apex of the other red square. Then I apply red polish, let it dry and peel off the scotch tape to reveal a perfectly chequered nail. This design can be quite tricky, especially where you have to cross and stick the scotch tape at a precise location. So, do what I do. Make several right-angled crosses with the scotch tape beforehand. You need two for every finger so make ten for a hand and some extra in case you mess up. This trick really saves time and effort.


  1. Rays

This scotch tape trick is even trickier. Get some pieces of tape and cut out lots of thin triangle and keep them aside. Next, paint your nails with a base color. After the base is dry, you need to paste these triangles carefully in a set pattern. Place them so that their tip is pointed towards one side of the nail (assume they all face right for now). When you place them, keep in mind that there needs to be some space between one triangle and the other. There should also be space between the tip of the triangle and the right edge. When you are satisfied with their placement, you can apply a contrasting color. Let the polish dry and peel off the triangle. Since you need to peel off these triangles later, it is a good idea to cut them longer than the width of your nails. After you have successfully executed these steps, you will be very happy with the results. You can see a beautiful Sun ray-like pattern. It is as if a small but bright Sun is affixed to the right side of your nail.


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