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Easy Nail Art Techniques (Part 1)


No outfit is complete without perfectly matching nails. But after you have added the first layer of colour, what else can you do? Sometimes you are simply out of ideas or at other times too lazy or busy to execute them. This article is for those who are often partying so frequently that they are too much in a rush to run to the nearest nail art salon. It is even for those who rather enjoy flirting with nail colours and art by themselves and will not enter a nail salon to give someone else that pleasure. It is for those who think they aren’t that artsy and cannot find a way with nail colours. It is for those who want to paint their nails but are too lazy to lift too many fingers for it. So, here are some superbly easy yet beautiful nail art techniques that I have picked up over the years.

  1. The Classic Polka Dot

It is the easiest, yet the classiest way to jazz up those nails. Put a layer of nail paint to go with your dress or your mood. Take a toothpick and dip the pointed end in white nail polish. Carefully imprint small dots on that first layer of polish. Make sure that you allow the first layer to dry before you experiment with your toothpick. I personally prefer white because it goes with any colour but you do not need to stick with it. Just make sure that the dots contrast with the base colour. You can add some more design by sticking a bead or a wee bit of glitter on the dots.

polka dots

  1. The Beaded Look

This usually sets well with just one finger but if it’s your style then you can go all out and bead all your nails. As a first step, paint all your nails in one colour. After that choose one nail to be beaded and paint it with a quick-drying layer. Now this part is tricky. You should quickly and carefully place all the beads on the top layer before it dries. Make sure that the beads don’t overlap or roll around and become covered with your nail paint. This goes well with all glittery outfits. Wear them and you’ll shine throughout the party!


  1. The Simple Diagonal

This is a very elegant design and suits formal occasions very well. You need a small piece of scotch tape for this method. Paint your nails with a base layer and let it dry. It is essential for the paint to dry up before you proceed to the next step. Now place the scotch tape diagonally over the base layer and stick it in place. Choose a contrasting colour and paint on the part of the nail that is exposed. After a while, but just before the last layer is completely, slowly and carefully pull out the scotch tape. Voila! You have your own set of quality tea-party nails.


  1. Dotting

This design is perfect for summers where you wear flowery, breezy clothes. Brush on a base layer of while nail polish and let it dry. Choose a set of four colours and set aside a toothpick for each colour. Just like you did in polka dots, dip the pointed end of the toothpick into the nail polish and make dots all over your nails. Repeat this with all the other colours. This design requires that you cover every part of your nail with dots, unlike polka dots, so keep dotting till you are satisfied. A base colour gives a neat texture to the design.


  1. Flowers

This is another summer design but then it needn’t be. This looks fun girls of all ages, especially on kids. It requires a little more technique and finesse but I am sure that all of you will be able to do it with a tad bit of practice. Choose a dark base colour and paint all your nails with it. Dip the end of your toothpick in a flowery colour, like yellow, red or pink, and make six dots in a circle. For the middle part, choose a different but bright colour and make one dot. You can make flowers all over your nails or in straight or diagonal lines. You can also place one flower in the lower corner or upper corners of your nails for minimalistic yet artsy look.


  1. Combination

This is one for all the times you feel crazy and want to unleash all of that craziness. This for all the times you feel extremely artsy. This also for times you are looking for a new and funky look. The combination look is perfect for such days. Bring in variety to your nail. Colour one in plain pastels, and another in polka dots. Make flowers in one and paint another in glitter. Make diagonals that complement each other on adjacent nails. You can throw in any combination of nail art that you feel right in. It looks great when you use the same set of colours for each design. But there’s a whole world out there of zany combinations so no-one is restricting to stick to just three.

mix and match

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