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Easy Hand-Made Gifts For Your Girlfriend


Anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day represent some difficult times for a lover. It is that time of the year when your partner’s expectations from you are running high. You would have already run to a million stores to buy that perfect gift that will sweep her off her feet. Yet somewhere you have a nagging sensation that a simple gift from a shop shelf will not be personal enough. Sometimes you might even forget these special days and before you realize what you have forgotten it will be too late to run down to a gift store. In such trying times, you need a few handy tricks to get you through the episode. You need a few gift ideas that can be either easily made in a short span of time or something that can effectively offset the damage done by forgetting an anniversary or a birthday. Here are some incredibly easy ways to gift her something that she will both cherish and love you more for.

1. Write her a letter
At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, I present the one trick in the book that is always cherished. Buy some coloured paper from your local stationary store. There is usually a wide range of papers available- single coloured, parchment type, handmade paper, sequined sheets, sheets with printed borders. You can even go for a fancy pen- with glittering or aromatic or glow-in-the-dark ink. Let your emotions flow. Go back to the days when you were wooing her, and try spreading that charm on paper. If your girl has cried while watching ‘P.S. I Love You’, over and over again, then you definitely have to give her this. You can always borrow lines from romantic movies like Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, 50 First Dates, 500 Days of Summer and the like.

Write her a love letter
Write her a love letter

2. Record a message for her
You need not even go as far as your local store for this. Take out your smart phone; switch on that recording app, and record a heart-felt message. Tell her why you love her and maybe throw in a joke or two. Videos work much better since she can see your whole face expressing your words as you say them. You can even add some music in the background as you speak. Try choosing a song that has some meaning for both of you. This is a gift that she can carry around with her on her cell phone. She can play it whenever she feels lonely or sad. This will give you additional brownie points.

3. Make a photo collage
If you have not clicked plenty of pictures together, you should start. Collect a couple of your old pictures together, crop other people out and make them into a collage. You can print the pictures and stick it on a sheet on your own. Or you can go to websites which make photo-collages under a minute. You can play around with different hues, and add funky graphics to increase its allure. Photo collages often make people nostalgic about the good times and sometimes even the bad times that the photos represent.

4. Sing/Rap for her
This might sounds scary for the bathroom singers but now is not a time to be inhibited. Sing a minute of her favourite song or sing a mash up of a few songs. If you are the rapping kind, go ahead in that direction. You can even alter the lyrics of some famous songs. This gives you the added benefit of readily available background music.

5. Make her a mixed tape/CD
This reminds me of an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where Chandler gives Monica a mixed tape which turns out to the one Janice had made a long time ago. Except the mix-up, the music tape had had the desired effect on Monica. Since it’s the twenty-first century, you can burn a CD of her favourite songs. It will mean even more if you put songs that you two have shared good moments over. You can add a note as to why you added that particular song to the collection, for example, the lyrics of ‘Colourblind’ makes you think of her dimpled-smile. Music also soothes the soul.

6. Write her a poem
This task is not as daunting as it sounds. Write about some occasions together or anything romantic. Ensure that some lines rhyme. You can add another layer of thought by writing it out on good stationary- like you would do for a letter. You can recite it to her or record it. Song lyrics often rhyme, so you can even pick out a few ideas from some romantic songs.

7. Write her a listicle
Listicle is a relatively new term coined by the internet-savvy generation. It is an article with a list as its body. You can make her list of the top five reasons you love her or reasons that you fell for her or reasons that you like your relationship with her. You get the drift! You can breathe a minor sigh of relief since it does not involve racking your brains too hard like you would have to do when writing a poem or a song. Add a few pictures to add more meaning to the list.

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