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Dry Brush Daily : Get Flawless Skin


Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and seen those dreaded stretch marks? Or those tan lines? Or those patches of uneven complexion?

I am sure you have. Because, 8 in 10 women complain of these problems at some point or the other. And some men too, suffer from problems of an uneven complexion or stretch marks. So here is a wonderful techniquw that is easy to do which will give you a relief from all these problems of yours!

To look fresh and young which is every woman`s secret desire, all you need is 5 minutes each day. I can understand how already painful it is to get up early morning and rush up things in order to reach school, college or workplace in time but you will have to shell out another few minutes in order to make some investment in your body. Something that only keeps your physical appearance but also keeps your body maintained internally and the best part, it costs next to nothing. True bliss indeed!

What exactly is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is the longest kept beauty secret which has been an integral part of the Ayurvedic cleansing philosophies. Almost a 5000 year old science and way of life which was originated in India provides best alternatives to the chemical beauty products and regimes. It is completely herbal in nature and has long history of curing skin problems since ages. What`s not to believe in dry brushing? Tried and tested for over 5000 years.

How does it work? 

As we age our bodies become inactive. With aging our bodies become less efficient in performing the basic tasks such as shedding the outer layer of dead skin. The build up this dead skin makes the skin look dull, dry and thick. Dry brushing is a technique where you rub your entire body with a gentle brush so that the dead skin is removed. Dry skin brushing helps keeps the pores clear and let`s your skin breathe naturally. It leaves the skin to absorb the oils which are applied on it after bathing.

Why you should dry-brush each day?

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-Free from toxins

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and carried one-third of the body`s impurities. With being exposed to sun, pollution and toxic gases our skin easily absorbs all these impurities. By dry brushing you will be increasing the blood circulation and reduce the cellulite present on your body. It even helps in losing weight and makes your skin glowing and pure again.

-Bright skin

When we dry-brush our skin, we are basically aiming at removing the dead skin cells which are accumulated on our skin. We remove these dead cells by brushing them away and give way to new skin which is brighter and smoother. It even helps tackle ingrown hairs while improving the skin tone. It keeps the skin fresh, vibrant and free from diseases.

-Good for nervous system

Our body is basically made up of different cells joined together. There are several nerve ending in our body which give messages to the brain for its functioning. Dry-brushing helps rejuvenate the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings and making the nervous system stronger.

– Absorb nutrients

With regular dry brushing of the skin you are making your skin free from any impurities. It also helps to open up the closed pores our the surface of the skin and let`s it breathe on its own. This also leads to elimination of clogged pores which ultimately leads to absorption of the vital nutrients, oxygen, oils, moisturizers et cetera. For best results you should apply natural oils to your body after the dry-brushing regime.

-Blood circulation

Dry-brushing stimulates the skin from inside and outside. It works to cleanse the skin from various harmful elements which tend to enter our systems through the skin pores. It increases the blood flow in the body leads to healthier muscles and better distribution of fat deposits in the body. Apart from all, it also helps reduce premature ageing while simultaneously strengthening your immune system.

Tips for effective dry-brushing : 

  1. It is best to dry-brush your entire body during your bath in the morning. Go for lighter stimulations in the start and gradually increase the strokes.
  2. Use a brush which has light and gentle bristles. Brushes with hard bristles can damage your skin and make it rough. Avoid synthetic brushes as they are too sharp for the skin.
  3. When brushing start from your feet, moving in the upward direction of your body.
  4. It is advisable to spare your face and neck from brushing as they the most sensitive areas of the body. They require mild brushing which can easily be done through the use of a good face-wash.
  5. Brush your body for 3-5 minutes each morning for healthy results.
  6. Keep a separate body-brush for each family member and keep your brushes clean and dry. Sharing of a brush can even lead to the growth of several skin diseases.

What are you waiting for?

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Start your dry-brushing routine from the coming morning.

Five minutes each day can change your entire body.

Improve your body, now.

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