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Do’s and Don’ts for haircare.


Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair care will differ according to one’s hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. All hair is not the same; hair is a manifestation of human diversity.

Sometimes, the type of skin you have affects your hair type. If you have dry skin, you probably have dry hair. The same goes for oily skin and oily hair.

While there are a ton of products on the market to help teens take better care of their skin and hair, many hair products DO more harm than good. Let’s look at some of the DO’s and DON’T s for healthy hair.

1) DO wash your hair twice a week atleast :-

Washing your hair is a must . This cleans the hair scalp too! It cleans the dust and prevents the hair from dandruff.



2) DON’T style your hair when wet:-

Never ever style your hair when your hair is wet ! That damages the hair. And the hairstyling tool may even give a shock if used on wet hair

3) DO use a proper shampoo :-

It isnt compulsory that all the shampoos suit you . It depends According to the hair type . Shampoo that DOesnt suits you may damage your hair from roots.

4) DON’T over DO the shampoo :-

DON’T apply much of shampoo! Excessive shampoo may damage ur hair. It will cause thinning of hair too .

5)DO invest good haircut :-

Get a haircut which suits you! and not the ones which are in trend.


6) DON’T expose your hair to the sun :-

DON’T expose your hair to the sun during the hottest time of the day. Cover up and wear a hat instead. Or use an umbrella .

7) DO brush in the morning :-

DO brush your hair regularly in the morning. This will remove the knots and will remove dust from the scalp and hair.

8) DON’T forget to clean your brushes and combs:-

Clean your brushes and combs regularly ! Let them soak in warm, soapy water once a week.As you should always clean your tools of brushing clean for clean healthy hair.

9) DO massage your hair :-

You should nourish your hair regularly . Because coconut oil is so rich in nutrients, it is able to stimulate the hair follicles and contribute to the general health of the scalp.Other than coconut oil you can even use olive oil too.


10) DON’T tie your hair too tight :-

Dont tie your hair back too tightly .This stretches the hair shaft, causing it to break and split. This will damage your hair .

11) DO wash hair after swimming in chlorinated water :-

Chlorine can damage your hair . It spoils the hair quality and the hair even becomes dry !

12) DO Eat healthy :-

Eat foods rich in skin and hair enhancing essential fatty acids. By taking care of your diet, your hair will look more lovely !


Genetics and health are factors in healthy hair. Proper nutrition is important for hair health. The living part of hair is under the scalp skin where the hair root is housed in the hair follicle. The entire follicle and root are fed by a vein, and blood carries nutrients to the follicle/root. Any time an individual has any kind of health concern from stress, trauma, medications of various sorts, chronic medical conditions or medical conditions that come and then wane, heavy metals in waters and food, smoking etc. these and more can affect the hair, its growth, and its appearance. A healthy scalp that allows your hair to absorb nutrients is the key to keeping your hair. A good scalp massage, which you can DO at home, increases the nerve, blood, and nutrient circulation to the hair follicles.

Healthy hair is not only a pleasure to behold, it is pleasing to the person that has it. A single follicle on the human scalp produces approximately .35 millimeters of hair shaft per day. The cycles of growth of each follicle consist of the building up and tearing DOwn of the structure. After a period of rest the follicle is built anew from raw materials and each hair follicle goes through this identical processes as it grows longer and stronger. A high-quality liquid multivitamin supplies the body with the proper amino acids, vitamins and minerals that you may not be receiving in your diet to help create beautiful hair.

Taking proper, daily vitamins and minerals plays a huge role in keeping your hair healthy. Any nutritional deficiencies can lead to thinning hair or even total baldness. It is a well-known fact that an under-active thyroid can result in frizzy or brittle hair while an overactive thyroid turns hair greasy and limp. The goal is proper supplementation and proper nutritional balance. Having long beautiful hair is a must ! It is a trend today . One should have clean lovely thick hair.

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