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Don’t Worry, Be Happy


The world is a selfish one and every person craves for a happy and lavish well being. They try to do as much as they can in order to keep themselves happy. But there are always certain odd thoughts that linger in their kind and a small thought of sorrow overpowers the happy well being state of the mind. So the point is, think about what you have rather than thinking what you don’t have. Worrying about things you can’t do anything about is only going to give you grief and take you nowhere. It is very much an essential need of a human being to be free from unscrupulous thoughts and have a good mindset. They should worry less and be happier. Thus the adage goes don’t worry and be happy! So how do you judge whether you are happy or not? What are the habits and traits of happy people? Here is the list:

Traits of Happy People


No expectations

This is the foremost trait of happy people. Most of the time we find ourselves in sorrow because we have the knack of expecting things from other people, sometimes a way too much. We get disheartened when people don’t live up to our expectations and thus we have sadness moaning all around us. So the very first step to be happy is by not expecting anything from anyone. You are an individual. You be happy with what you have got and continue your good work. Do not bank on others. Even if you do, make sure that you don’t get disheartened if they don’t turn the way you desired.

Forgive and Forget

There is no point crying over spilt milk. You spend most of your time thinking about the wrong doings of others and the pain other people have inflicted on you. You burn yourself in the rage of seeking vengeance and end up being messed up. Forgive the people who have not been good to you. Let the almighty do the justice. Forgiving won’t make you a smaller individual. Remember that forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Don’t moan over the past and the not so good experiences. Forget them and move on in life. Unless you move on, you will never get to see what is in store for you.

Maintain relationships

The joy of loving someone and being loved in return is probably the best source of getting happy. A happy person invests a lot in relationships. He has the habit of maintaining fruitful relationships. Love your parents, your siblings and your friends. If you find a partner for yourself, make sure you are committed and are serious about the person. Remember any person can be a playboy but a real man holds on to a relationship. Relationships build an aura of happiness around you and it reflects in your day to day activities!

Feel it, show it

In life, you should never be confined due to anything. If you feel something, there is no harm in showing your feelings. Happy people never refrain from showing what they are feeling at any moment. Their actions reflect their feelings. This attitude helps them to be happy amidst others who are simply not in the best of conditions to express. People who are reluctant to express themselves often end up questioning themselves and screwing up their own mind. How can you expect yourself to be happy when you have storms in your head?


Smiling doesn’t cost you a thing. Infact smiling is the best thing you can do with your lips. Some people often say that they do not have reasons to smile and they are hurt. But the fact is that you should smile when it hurts most. This will not only keep you happy but also make your rivals feel what went wrong for them. You will be happy contradictory to what your rivals would have wanted. Moreover, a smiling face radiates positive vibes. Remember that your smile can bring a smile on someone else’s face. So smile a lot! If you are a happy person, you can smile at almost any situation. You should find humor in every little thing.


Be optimistic

Life is short and so you should not waste it thinking about the darker side of things. Think about the brighter and the broader picture in every situation. Being pessimistic will take you nowhere. If there is something that could give you happy outcome is being optimistic. Remember have the battle is played psychologically and the rest at the battlefield. Once you are optimistic and have a bright viewpoint about you plans, you could be ensured of half the victory then and there itself!

Appreciate Life

This is the most important aspect or the trait of a happy person. Be thankful to god that you have got another morning in your life. You have got many reasons to be happy about than to moan at a few handful of sorrow reasons. Happy people appreciate life as it comes to them. Develop this happy trait and be happy in your life.

Life is what you make out of it. Don’t waste your life troubling yourself. Remember that you only live once. There is no point in wasting this lifetime. Don’t worry, be happy!

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