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Don’t Stop Crying


It’s like a phenomenon that never ends, like letting you down. Exam pressure, workload, low scores, job search, failure, being stuck in life, losing your love, break-up, fights, illness, death of a close one, loneliness, rejection; life will give you countless reasons to cry, have no doubt about that. All of us have cried at some point in the past and grown up to realize it is something that weak people do or as they say, real men don’t cry. Well, real men don’t hide their tears either. And if crying was such a weak thing there wouldn’t be so many celebrities breaking down in public. Life is giving so many reasons for a reason, so why let them go waste?

Faking Strength

From chopping an onion to an emotional outburst, many things have the capability to make you cry. If it was a bad thing maybe God wouldn’t have made it such a fundamental part of one’s life. On an average, women cry forty seven times an year and men a mere seven. The first thing we need to learn is that it’s not a bad thing. In-fact it is a brave thing for a grown up to cry, considering the image it holds in the world. Crying is for the weak and sensitive and in men, it becomes a blot on their manhood. Hence those who defy their strong pretend-face and cry their sorrows out are strong in reality. Because they know that even this ugly looking thing has it’s own merits.

Crying releases stress, the tears become sort of a let-out spot of stress for the body. Dr. William H. Frey II performed a study at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center and found that stress related tears are not the same as tears caused by physical irritants such as chopping an onion. Chemicals that raise cortisol, the stress hormone, are released out of your body through tears that are provoked by stress. Hence you feel less stressed after crying. Another study proves so with a survey that says 88.8% people feel better after crying as opposed to 8.4% who said that they don’t. And most probably those 8.4% are the people who think something as weak as crying couldn’t possibly have any positive impact on a person. Maybe they had never given crying a chance while under stress.

Stress Buster

It helps you deal with sorrow. Crying after experiencing a loss – be it a personal or a family loss – helps you come to terms with it and lets your conscience be at peace with it. Crying is actually a wise way to digest uncomfortable news. Confronting your feelings helps you move forward in life, deal with the past with ease and move ahead with no regrets or guilt. People do weird sorts of things to deal with their sorrow. Some of them cut-off themselves from the world, some go into depression and some into drugs. Compared to all that the weak crying is the mature way of coming out of sorrow. It helped you cope with failure or loss and also gets you determined for the future, making you look forward to it in good faith. Therefore crying literally helps a person to go through bad phase of life without it creating a deep impact on him. A person may cry while transforming into a stronger one and yet people will always take him as a weak one.

Crying isn’t a weak act. Even people with bravest of jobs break down at times. Because it is just a characteristic of life that shows you are human, bound to feel happiness and sorrow. Like smile is a natural way to show happiness, crying is the way to show your sadness. It is what naturally comes to us at bad times. We have associated weakness with crying unreasonably. Maybe because some people cry for no reason at all. In that case those people are weak, crying is still a brave thing. It lets people go on and gives them energy to survive through the bad time. Those who do cry frequently aren’t emotionally sublime or sensitive, in-fact we can’t even differentiate them from others. They are as human as us only with better ability to deal with problems. And that makes them stronger than us.

There are going to be countless reasons that we want to cry out too. It’s our choice whether we pretend to be a man or pretend to be strong or go the women way and be strong. It’s not something to be ashamed of. There are a lot better ways to judge your manhood or your strength than whether you cry or not. If you don’t, you need to loosen up yourself. You won’t be making any impression on anyone carrying that hard face, letting yourself devoid of an equally important emotion. You need to taste the ease there is in crying and start with it, because it’s something that is going to make you soft and strong. And those of you who do cry, don’t even bother to care what others think. You are living a complete life, just don’t stop crying. Whenever life gives you a reason, take it as an opportunity and cry it out.

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