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Don’t Put A Dent In Your Dental Health!


Teeth. I sincerely hope you all know there importance. For those who do not know the functions of teeth, I have concluded them in the following points-

  • The food that we eat needs to be broken down and chewed before it makes its way to the digestive system so that our body can retain these nutrients in our system.
  • They help us in pronouncing words clearly.
  • They simply help us look better! Imagine a smile without those pearly whites and then tell me how you feel.

Well, these functions sound simple but, constant use of the teeth for grinding and chewing sure has its negative impact. Teeth are supposed to be strong, healthy and white. If they are not all these things, then you need to work on your teeth. Teeth are very important. Imagine living without teeth! Your cheeks will sag and your facial appearance will look really bad. You won’t be able to chew your food. You won’t even be able to talk properly.

A lot of toothpaste or dental creams are produced every year. New ones with new functions which guarantee us a pearly white smile, no cavities, and healthy gums. Some talk about sensitivity relief. From personal experience, I would say that one should never buy a toothpaste which says its main function is sensitivity relief. What happens with such a toothpaste is that it just builds a layer on the tooth and prevents any feeling of sensitivity but the root cause of the problem remains and just worsens with time.

My point is, why waste so much money buying expensive and strong dental creams when there are some simple things you can do to look after your teeth? Here is a list of 5 simple things you can do to look after your teeth on a daily basis.

1) Brush twice a day

Yes, please take the dentist seriously. When the dentist says brushing twice is necessary, it is necessary. You have to brush once in the morning and once at night, just before sleeping. It is mandatory to brush at night since brushing helps remove the food particles that get stuck between the teeth and prevents it from rotting as well. Be thorough with the brushing. Do not over exert. While brushing, it is only the wrist that moves.

2) Swirl it up

After every meal, put some water in your mouth, swirl it well and spit it out. This is helpful as it in removing the extra food particles in your mouth. When we swirl and spit, we stop the food particles from rotting in the teeth. This is a very simple trick for the prevention of cavities and even, bad breath!

3) Vitamin upkeep

Be serious about your vitamin supplements. Vitamin A, C and D are very important for both the teeth and the gums. These vitamins prevent the teeth and the gums from getting diseases. It is not mandatory for you to keep on popping vitamin pillsĀ  all day long. Go the natural way! Have a lot of fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemons, papaya, gooseberries, tomatoes and so on. Consuming such healthy things will result in an over all benefit, improving your skin and managing your weight as well.

4) Be regular with your appointments

Take dental visits seriously. Do not keep on posting them till your tooth really starts to ache. That is a very unwise thing to do. Make an appointment with your dentist every six months for a good and thorough check up. This is advised because this way, if there is a problem, it gets treated before the problem worsens and leads to root canals and the like painful treatments.

5) Avoid sugar

When I say avoid sugar, I do not say that you totally kill your sweet tooth! I just mean that you should be wiser with what you eat. Having sweets a lot is not at all recommended. The sweet sticks to the teeth and helps in its rotting and resulting cavities. Instead of having sticky sugary things like toffees or chocolates, go for naturally sweet things like water melons, fruits and the like. Do not snack between meals. Eat sufficient food for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you do not get the urge of snacking in between meal time. Quit drinking sodas as they are full of sugar. Instead try a healthy option like fruit juices! Drink a lot of water.

Having good, healthy teeth has many advantages. Healthy teeth are always preferred to unhealthy teeth. Some of the advantages are- first, healthy teeth make our smiles very pretty, second, healthy teeth make it easy for us to eat and enjoy our food, thirdly, healthy teeth is equal to a healthy body and so on. The unideal situation where your teeth are unhealthy, they hurt a lot, you can’t eat properly, and you even end up losing your tooth sometimes. To avoid all the ill effects, we have to start taking care of our teeth this very minute.

Encourage our kids and tell them about the importance of dental health. Make sure that they develop good dental habits at a very young age. Life is long and health is wealth!

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