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Don’t Eat these Foods: Foods you should Avoid!


With ever increasing number of food outlets in our neighborhood and a growing number of options that we are getting, the tendency to become a foodie is natural. There is no harm in gulping everything provided you have got good control on yourself and you don’t become obese. In case you eat every now and then, then you certainly need to see a doctor sooner or later. Eating is a good habit. Eating healthy is equally important. You must know what you are eating, how it is processed and what nutritional benefits will you get out of it (if any!). There are certain foods you eat in your day to day life which are certainly not good enough for your health. Hence, it would be highly sensible if you avoid these foods.


Foods You Should Avoid:


Well, most of the eyes would have popped out the moment they read popcorn. It is almost impossible for us to imagine a movie without popcorn. But it would be better if you say good bye to popcorn as soon as possible! Popcorns have a lot of calories and a high content of fats; what is worse in the fact that most of the times this fat is saturated fat which results in high levels of cholesterol in your body. Don’t be startled to see a good deposit of flab on your waist if you continue to eat popcorns the way you are eating them. Saturated fats are the fats you should be avoiding in your daily diet. The presence of perfluorooctanoic acid is another substance which can cause infertility levels in human beings to rise and rise rapidly.

Farmed and Packaged Salmons

This one is for the sea food lovers. You always enjoy your bit of seafood especially if its salmon. It is a true delight for your taste buds. But you should eat the salmons only if they are fresh. The farmed or packed salmons never do a good deed to your body. Salmons are meant to be either in your stomach or in the sea and not in the cans and plastics bags. Farmed salmons develop harmful substances inside them including carcinogenic materials, pesticides, DDT and a host of other contaminants. The presence of these contaminants increases the risk of getting diabetes and obesity.


It won’t be a wrong statement to say that soda is the liquid candies. Soda is made up from high content fructose syrups and a lot of sugars. The more amount of sugar indicates presence of very high content of calories. Drinking soda on a regular basis is bound to give a big tummy in short time frame. Soda leads to obesity and hence it is advisable not to drink soda on a regular basis. Moreover, soda facilitates cavity formation in your gums and thus results in tooth decay. Various researches have shown that soda or any carbonated drink in that regard can be very harmful for your bones. They make your bones weak. So stick to water or other beverages instead of taking a glass of soda.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs certainly taste great but do not include it in your daily diets. Hot dogs have a high content of calories which can raise your cholesterol levels and affect your blood pressure. If you are someone who is very lean and keen on gaining weight, go ahead. Also, about 85 percent of fats which are present in hot dogs are in the form of saturated fats which is not at all good for health. As said earlier, one should avoid the consumption of saturated fats in their food diets.


Canned Tomatoes

Farm fresh tomatoes are a delight for most of the people. But the canned tomatoes have a high content of bisphenol-A. Bisphenol –A is responsible for reproductory disorders ranging from its effects on the estrogen production in females to the loss in sperm production in males. In addition to this, the preservatives added to canned tomatoes can give you a host of other diseases and disorders like obesity and cardiovascular damage. The Bisphenol-A is due to the resin linings from the cans. So in order to avoid resin linings, opt for tomatoes stored in glass bottles but do avoid canned tomatoes!


We all love the deep crust pizzas and it is juicy and cheesy and one can spend a whole night describing a pizza. But the fact of the matter is, when you are consuming a deep crust pizza, the base of the pizza is made up off stacked dough flour which has high content of high carbohydrates and calories. If you add the amount of calories you get from cheese and other toppings along with a good dose of fats, this could certainly mean some serious calorie intake for your system. Expect a belly coming your way!

Whole milk

Whole milk weakens your arteries as they are rich in saturated fats. In addition to this, they are linked with increase in the cholesterol levels of your body which can damage your body system. Skimmed milk in the alternative available for this. Keep your heart safe and stay away from whole milk!

Being a food junkie is alright but try to avoid a few food items as mentioned above. Consuming once in a while is never an issue but try staying healthy by consuming wisely.

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