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The Dog Owner Diaries 4


These are not the same as others. Of course they have the same two eyes, two ears, four legs and one tongue hanging out. Still, these are different. These are the outcasts. It’s not what the face says; it’s what the heart holds. And their heart holds despair. They are the ones who have suffered at our hands so much so that even survival is a struggle for them – which many of them lose. We are the ones to blame for it and we are the only ones who can correct it. If you want to live a lively life ahead, buy a pet. And if you want to live a lively life ahead and also make a difference, adopt a pet.

It’s not as different from buying as it sounds. There’s nothing like if the pet is to be adopted, maybe it has some disability or maybe it isn’t healthy. Pets available for adoption are similar to those available for buying in all manners. You are free to verify from an adopted dog’s owner or an adoption dog agency. Adoption is just to ensure that the dog gets a home it deserves, no one is handing you a burden. Believe it or not, all dogs are equally fun. It’s a matter of days before where it is overshadows where it came from – a shop or an agency.

Adopt a Dog

The only difference between buying a pet and adopting one is that when you adopt, you are just making it know that all owners aren’t as bad as their previous ones. That is where these dogs come from, the carelessness of their previous owners. They are the ones treated with negligence, abuse and inattention by their owner and in the end, are abandoned to find their own means of survival which they sometimes fail to do. Hence by adopting it, you are saving its life. There won’t be any difference at all; it would be as entertaining, loving and caring as a bought pet. You will just be responsible for making a life out of what would have otherwise been a very nasty outing in this world.

Adopted dogs also trouble you less financially. It is less expensive to buy a dog from adoption agency or shelter as compared to the pet shops. Pet shops offer healthy dogs at quite a price while dogs available for adoption cost a meager amount. Even after being bought, they save you money as adopted dogs have had an owner in the past. Hence they have already been spayed or neutered and vaccinated. These necessary procedures also add up to a considerable cost to those who buy a dog from pet shop. This means that all you need to spend on an adopted dog is the inexpensive starting price as compared to the expensive cost and then the vet bills for a brand new dog.

Also, the pet shops that offer their dogs in the best of health are not telling the complete truth, to say the least. These dogs sometimes come from puppy mills, which are mass dog-breeding businesses. These facilities house up to several hundred dogs at a time and since breeding dogs is their main purpose, lack of proper healthcare for each and every dog – be it the parents or their pup – is often compromised. Hence these dogs may not be as healthy as the shops boost of. The dogs that come from adoption agencies and shelters on the other hand are healthy. Though they may not boost of this quality, the only purpose of shelters is to take care of these dogs until someone is ready to buy them.

Puppy Mills

Dog owners also have the advantage of choosing from a wide variety when they go for adoption. Since pet shops cater to the needs of people, they prefer to keep popular breeds as they are the ones sold the most. Adoption agencies meanwhile cater to the needs of dogs and hence any dog that has been left with no caretaker is given a shelter by them, be it popular or not. Therefore they provide you with more choices than the pet shops. Some adoption agencies even have websites that allow people to search any dog by its age, gender and breed. They let people choose by what they want rather than what they have available.

Adopting a pet gives a healthy pet of your own choice at a cost lower than what you would pay for a new one at some pet shop. By making a wise choice you can share your home with someone who needs to be shown some care, shared some love with. Both the choices will fill your life with the same fun, entertain you their best. If you are looking for qualities you will find them in the new ones as well as adopted ones. But the question is who needs you more? Is it okay to neglect adopting a pet only because they had an owner before you? Maybe that is the reason they need a new one even more. All that needs to be said is there is no difference between the two, so the least you can do is at least give it a thought.

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