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The Dog Owner Diaries 3


Whatever the reason for buying a dog is, many other motives are also completed by the act. With a dog, you get a best friend, good doctor and also your best supporter. A Dog is someone who will make you smile, be your entertainment whenever you need it and always cheer you up. It’s true that those who have a dog in their house never feel bored. Be it feeding, bathing, walking or playing with it; it keeps you occupied all the time. And since we support its life from the very start, it returns the favor all through the way by making sure we lead a happy one. Everybody knows that dogs are great supporters throughout one’s life but just how good they are, no one has an idea.

Be it stress, worries, anger, anxiety, pressure or any other kind of mental difficulty you are going through, dogs are the perfect solution. They have the ability to influence the mood of any person and owning to their nature; they always bring out positive results. The only time a pet dog brings sadness to someone is when it goes away. Until then they keep our minds off troublesome issues so that none of them becomes big enough to impact us deeply. They take care of keeping us mentally healthy and keep us from succumbing under pressure. There are lots of points that support having a dog in home if we start up with how good they are at it.

Cheer up!!

Dogs help you stay happy. Having someone to interact with and sharing your love with it at all times helps people stay positive. Even the mere act of looking at your pet increases the amount of Oxytocin in the brain, which is the feel good chemical. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than others as their dogs help them stay positive. And they are a boon for those too who are already in its grasp. Having a pet to take care of clinically depressed people in their phase of depression has in some cases proved to be even more effective than the medication. Since taking care of a dog requires a lot of activity and you are moving many times a day to do so, it takes your mind off bad things and keeps you from feeling low.

They also have their effect on the stress a person faces. Studies show that people who interact with pets during their work have lower levels of stress all through the day as compared to those who don’t. Having a dog in an office leads to more breaks by the employees in between of their work to feed or to interact with it. This provides them with a little bit of refreshment every once in a while as a result of which they are able to work with more energy and spirit. Hence a dog increases the productivity of the office and also adds to the working environment of the place.

Apart from that, a dog at home ensures that the members of the household feel less lonely or isolated. They interact with every member of family with equal enthusiasm and easily lift up the mood of anyone feeling lonesome. Dog owners also feel more secure than the others. They have their dogs to guard their homes and they also feel less afraid of being a victim of some street crime when they have their dog walking with them. They also help the family move on from some tragedy. Children often find comfort in staying close to their pets after the death or departure of a family member. Adults too prefer to cry out their sorrows in front of their pet rather than some other family member.

Dogs console children

Dog owners also lead a better social life than others thanks to their pets. Polls show that people tend to trust those with dogs more than the others and are more likely to start up an interaction with them. A study in a veteran’s hospital showed that people had more verbal interaction with each other when a dog was present in the room than when it was absent. They have also shown to increase social interaction among people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in a nursing home. Hence dogs encourage friendly behavior and help getting to know new people.

It’s apparent that dogs work their wonders on both human body as well as human mind. As news to those who consider pet dogs to be only a source of entertainment, they are much more than that. They help their owners stay physically, mentally and socially fit. Buying a dog is understandably not a necessity in life but as evident by the dog owners, it is certainly not something you would regret later on. Although we can manage our lives pretty good without them, it gets pretty easy to deal with once they are a part of it. That’s because they ensure we get all we need – a break from our sorrows, a better body and a good social life – without putting much effort into it. And since they are dogs, we are bound to have fun while doing all that.

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