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The Dog Owner Diaries 2


They need to be looked after too much. This may be the reason why some people buy dogs, and it’s certainly the reason why many don’t. With family, relatives, friends and other such things already there to look after, why add a dog to the list? Who wants to take up the burden of feeding and playing with it when there is burden already? Because too much burden causes negligence of health and nobody wants to fall ill. Well then there is a solution, get a dog. Those who say dogs are a man’s best friend are right but they have observed them very little. If they had gone a bit deeper, they would have noticed that dogs are pretty good doctors too.

Dog owners have a special advantage over others. They only need to look after their family and friends because their dogs take care of them. Those who cite personal hygiene as a reason for not including a dog in their life are in for a surprise as various studies and researches have shown that having a dog has positive effects onto your health. While some of them are obvious, there is another category of odd health benefits that a pet dog somehow bestows upon its owner.

The television advertisements go on advising us to use disinfectants all the time but the truth is that we all need to be infected a bit too, it is a necessary evil. The more disinfected we stay, the less germs we are exposed to and as a result, our bodies cannot build up immunity to them – which is a necessity. And dogs are a solution to this as they are covered with germs. Having a dog means the person is exposed to more germs and can develop a better immune system. Hence dog owners fall less sick as compared to others. Also, growing up in a house with a dog makes children less likely to develop allergies in the course of their lives while for others, dogs may well be the worst triggers of their allergies.

People with pet dogs stay healthy as well as physically fit. Since dogs need to be walked at least once a day and played with almost the whole day, the dog owners are never at rest when free. They develop their stamina, endurance, muscles and also have recreation while their dogs keep them occupied. This way they also get the recommended thirty minutes of everyday exercise without feeling much fatigued. Hence they have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and acquire a better overall shape as compared to those who don’t own a pet or own a pet that doesn’t need to be walked.

Walking a dog

Moving over to what the studies have found out, it turns out that dog ownership increases the odds of survival in persons who have already suffered from a heart attack from 1 in 87 to 1 in 15. People with pet dogs are also found to have slightly lower levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. Presence of a dog during stressful times has found to lower the person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Apart from that, a Chinese study has found that people who own dogs experience better sleep at night than those who don’t.

And in what can be called as miraculous health benefits of dogs, they can come of use in even saving the life of dog owners. It seems that dogs can smell cancer. There have been instances when people got their mole or lump checked by a doctor because their dog kept sniffing or licking it, only to discover it was cancerous. They also can rightly predict seizures. Some people who have periodic seizures have reported that their dogs can sense its onset. Now there are even trained dogs called seizure-response dogs, who signal the imminent owner of seizure 15 to 45 minutes prior to a seizure.

Seizure Response

Dogs are therefore much more than just a presence in a house. They may be introduced into a home to keep the family entertained or safe but they are capable of handling much serious tasks if the need be. No one ever even considers their role with regard to the health of an individual. Some nursing homes even offer a companion dog as a part of the therapy as it is believed to help reduce the amount of prescription drugs for patients. Dogs not only improve the health of a person, increasing his fitness level but also prevent or predict some hazardous diseases. They are literally one of the best doctors available.

There is no doubt that dog owners have an edge over the others when it comes to staying healthy. And as much as others may say having a dog is something against it, it is exactly what gives them this edge. It’s not like just we look after them; it’s the other way round too. While we ensure that we provide them with proper food and company, they ensure that we can do it for long. So the next time the thought of being health-conscious crosses your mind, buy a dog without hesitation. It’s the easiest way to stay healthy.

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