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The Dog Owner Diaries 1


Who can be – in every sense – the perfect companion of any person? A man’s best friend, a lady’s true love, a toddler’s favorite toy, a home’s watchful guardian, an army’s underestimated weapon; who can live up to all these roles without any lapse in perfection? The riddle would have been a good one had the answer not been given in the title itself. You may have taken some time but surely you all would have answered it correctly. Because no human can perform all the above mentioned tasks; his best friend however, can. If you are a dog owner, hats off to you for taking care of someone whose whole life literally revolves around keeping you happy.


They say you can’t buy love or friendship. Well we disagree! Because we bought our best friend and we love him much more than they understand. The relationship between a dog and his owner is one we all appreciate but no one understands. We raise him up, love him all through the way and provide as much as we can. In return, he treats us no less than we treat our parents – sometimes even better. No one can truly understand how much a dog regards us but if we could, we would know that he doesn’t miss having an alike family. It may even be able to understand the language of love better than we do and conveys the same to us the best way it can, by licking. And as irritating as others may find it, there is no better alarm in the world we would prefer to be woken up by.

Be it the Labradors or German Shepherds of boys or Terriers or Pugs of girls, they are the ones who stick with us in our good or bad. Unlike other humans who need a reason to sympathize with us, dogs just sense the mood. Call it their quality or our stupidity, we may be far more intellect than they are, but they understand human emotions much better than we do. That’s why no dog will ever stay put if you are happy and ask you to throw a ball if you are sad. They sense the mood of the owner and act accordingly. This makes them both the fun part in happy times and shoulder to cry on in the sad ones. Whatever the case be, we dog owners never feel alone and as the time passes, we both learn to rely on each other.

And this friendship is not the only way they return our love. While some dogs are trained by the nation to be used in critical situations to help keep us safe, every dog comes acquainted with the skills needed to guard things as simple as a home. Barking at strangers, suspecting any unusual situation, delicate sleep, keeping a look-out at night; no dog needs to be trained to do all that. They consider themselves to be a part of the family and hence take it as a responsibility to keep their home safe. Dogs are known to prevent robberies and ‘Beware of Dogs’ signs outside homes aren’t uncommon either. They ensure a safe and sound sleep for their masters and make sure nothing gets close to their property. A dog is much more dependable as a guard because unlike anyone else, it is ready to sacrifice itself for our protection.

Beware of Dogs

There is no doubt that the dog owners and their dogs share a special bond wherein dogs hold an extremely important place in their owner’s life. But there is no arguing that we hold even more importance in their lives. They are just one of our family, friends, relatives and colleagues and hence, just a part of life. But we are all their family, friends and relatives and hence, their whole life. If we are generous enough to them to provide them with everything from shelter to feed, they too are capable enough to provide us with anything we need, whether it’s uplifting or entertainment. And remember, they do this without saying a word or listening to our burden. They are just some voiceless creatures who deal with human feelings, dedicated to make us happy.

No one in this world is as happy as a dog is when you make him a part of your life. He enjoys your attention, loves to be played with, understands every mood of yours, provides as much help as he can, and never asks a thing in return. Because according to him, all that is something love deserves. To a dog, his master is the only one he can manage to get close to in the entire life he lives and the dog owners would agree, he does a commendable job at that. This relation between a master and his pet is not one to be understood by onlookers, they just see a man raising a dog. But ask an owner, he will tell you what it really is!

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