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Scorching summer heat is something most of us see as a bane, but if taken in the right stride, it makes you want to jump into the pool. And the pool is the best possible excuse to beat the heat and at the same time enhance your fitness regime. What can you possibly not love about the blue water that feels so refreshing after a hard day’s work? Refreshing is just the beginning, it is the perfect form of exercise ever! It works your arms, legs, torso and shoulders in every possible way. Have you ever noticed how ripped swimmers are; I really hope you remember them from Baywatch! Yes the guys in red trunks and the gorgeous women in red swimming costumes! Ladies the only way to look absolutely stunning in a red hot bikini is to start working in the pool.  Michael Phelps swims up to 50 miles per week. So guys you can totally do at least five miles to begin with. Today I am going to impress upon you, the benefits of this absolutely amazing program. You do not have to hit the gym, if you can do 100 laps in day, every day of the week. I know that sounds a lot, but honestly once you get into the habit of swimming, reaching 100 laps will not be a big deal at all. Making it a regular habit is what requires will power.

Swimming is the only form of exercise that works your body without any form of harsh impact to your skeletal system, contrary to other aerobic exercises. When the human body is submerged in water it automatically becomes lighter. Submerged till the waist and you have to bear only 50% of the weight, when submerged till your chest you bear only 25 – 35 % of the weight the other 75 – 65% is handled by the pool. The best part about swimming is that it does not affect your joints. Water based exercises are proven to improve the use of affected joints and decrease arthritic pain. Celebrity fitness expert Jay Cardiello says it enhances flexibility and joint range of motion, decreases muscle stiffness and joint pain.

Swimming is a great way to increase muscle strength and muscle tone. Hence, all the swimmers have hot ripped bodies. When you are swimming through water, every stroke and kick automatically turns into resistance workout. And resistance exercises are well known to build muscle tone and muscle strength. Jay Cardiello himself has confirmed saying it does help enhance muscle toning and conditioning, thus this is the perfect way to achieve a perfect bikini body.

In a gymnasium, you will usually find yourself isolating one body part from the other since they all require different machines or free hand exercises. Swimming on the other hand works on your thighs, calves, forearms, shoulders, abs all at one. Also when you take your strokes you are technically lengthening your body and that right there folks, is stretching your body from head to toe.  Swimming also keeps your joints and ligaments stay flexible.

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Swimming has been proved as helping maintain a healthy heart. Not only is this exercise limited to toning up your exteriors and your muscles, but it has a marginal affect on your interior organs. Swimming is an aerobic exercise; it not only makes your heart stronger by enlarging it but also enhances the organ’s blood pumping ability. Swimming everyday for an hour improves heart conditions and reduces coronary diseases significantly.  It increases cardio vascular endurance instantly.

When you are swimming for fitness you might need a little something extra, here are a few things Jay has advised that will help you swim with increased agility and strength:

Your midsection has to be in shape to support the position throughout the strokes. Add planks, side planks and lower back extensions to your routine. Make sure to work on your hamstrings and calves by doing a few sets of each seated and dumbbell rows, weighted step ups and lat pull downs.

Try to enhance shoulder strength and swim speed with presses, reverse rotations, internal and external rotations.

Proprioception work is done to improve coordination, agility and strength. The only way to improve these is with the help of wobble boards and balance boards.
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The other awesome way to reduce and tone up the muscles is water aerobics.  Honestly with the heat, swimming is actually the best way to unwind, and nothing can be better if you get to work out at the same time. Now, that you have received a full account on how to rev up your swimming sessions this summer, from the celebrity fitness trainer Jay himself, time to put on the bikini and swim your way for the perfectly fit body. The only thing to keep in mind is stretching is essential both before and after swimming. Start out with a few relaxed laps and then try testing your speed. Remember to take proper intervals. Tired of treadmills and boring gyms, just jump into the pool and have a blast doing different water exercises.

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