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What distinguishes leaders from ordinary


We all have been in a group since we were born. While our initial years we were a part of a family and were often represented by our elders. Later on we entered school and we were a part of a classroom full of 50-60 kids. This continued for a long time until we reached college and once again we were a part of a group of 600 people often unclassified and not differentiated. By the end of college, our placements came along and once we joined our respective work places, we were a part of nearly 50 new recruited people all ready to move up the ladder. But all our lives we have always been a part of a group. More of a herd. The group is considered to be one identity and we do not mark our own identity. What is the use of such a living? The entire purpose of life is to lead and come forward; to emerge as someone who is capable of making their own choices and in fact so trustworthy that others come forward to the leader to guide them and help them choose their path. That is what the purpose of life is. “Leaders are not born, they are chosen.” This is not true. Because they are actually born. Actually, it is a middle road that people do not usually understand. Even before you realize it, you are the leader of the group. And this quality will continue till the end. And thus, neither are you chosen and neither are you born a leader. In the class, you are often the person who is chosen as the monitor or simply caught by the teacher for misbehavior. Didn’t you realize? Suddenly, you represented the entire group, and even though the entire class was making noise or misbehaving it was only you who came into the teacher’s eye. This was the first place which decided whether you were the leader or not. And this continues as people carry forward an image about you and whether you like it or not, there is little you can do to change it.

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In the future, it turns out that even in college, you have the group with the coolest people in it, or you are one of the most visible people on the campus. And the moment of difference starts when you do not know people, but people definitely know you well, very well indeed. This is because you stood out of the group and you made yourself visible. Ever imagined why this happens? That out of a group of 600 people, the same people stood out in school and college? Because they have it in them. One of the most important qualities of being a leader is your interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate far beyond just the need. That is exactly what brings them ahead of all the others. There are a few traits of leaders that have been noticed. Count for yourself and you will realize how good a leader are you. Firstly, they are the ones who always make the big decisions for the group. Not by themselves though. They take the opinion of everyone around and then finally use their experience to decide what is better for the  greater good of the many. Next, they are the closest to everyone in the group. Even if the group includes 6-8 people, they are the people everyone is close to; it may not be that everyone spends a lot of time with him but when they do they tell him things that they are not comfortable telling others as they expect an unbiased and really pure opinion from him. In fact, there might be a lot of people that you would think he does not even talk to but in real life he would be really close to them and know a lot of their secrets. The next trait includes the fact that they are never enjoying a lot with the group. If the entire group gets drunk or everyone is singing songs in the bus, he is usually calm and not a part of the hocus-pocus. This is because he feels responsible for the group and knows that even if he has to sacrifice his own fun to some extent, he is ok with it as he knows that somewhere in everyone’s minds, they trust him with the responsibility. Next, he often the representative for the group as he is good at mingling with people and people often know him well,professionally if not personally. And yea, he is never shy and afraid to voice out his opinion. He is too used to having things his way. This does not mean that he is adamant or stubborn but simply feels that if he can have things his way then why not? And even if he himself has to put in extra efforts for it, he will never refuse as working was never something a leader runs away from. Personally he might be lazy, drowsy and not active but in a group, he will stand out like nobody else. images (12)

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