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Disastrous Diets

Are you doing the right diet?
Are you doing the right diet?

Staying healthy is the new trend, we workout and control our diets to look perfect and feel good about our body. Working out has immense benefits, since it works both ways; fixes our exterior and interior. But diet is a tricky thing to adopt. Many of you see it as a short cut to losing weight and you quickly adopt any diet you can to shed the extra layers in a week’s time. Unfortunately, you do not feel the need to understand your body before you do it. Nor do you do much research about the effects of a new food plan on the body. Folks, it is time you stop running after any diet you see on the internet. Diet is good for you, only when you can pull it off by supplying the body all the required nutrients in modification, and that includes certain types of fat as well. So “I am on a diet” does not mean you cut out on all the fat, because a certain amount of oil and fat makes your skin glow, in case you did not know that. The one thing we all forget or chose to undermine is that dieting is all about modification. There are some pretty horrible food plans that guarantee weight loss, but are hazardous for your health and it is time you start doing your research properly.

The Fruitarian Diet

What is it? This diet essentially involves the consumption of fruits and vegetables for all meals of the day. Fruit lovers consume raw fruits and vegetables with a few nuts thrown and that is how they tend to avoid the calories.

Why should you avoid it? Fruits alone cannot provide the body with all the required essential nutrients. According to dietician Cynthia Sass It cannot supply some of the basic building blocks needed for maintaining the structure of some of the organ tissues, muscles, bones and immune cells. Hollywood heart throb Ashton Kutcher had adopted this diet for the role of Steve Jobs but very soon ended up in the hospital due to severe pain. The doctors diagnosed it to be a problem in his pancreas, which was the result of the diet.

Atkins Diet

What is it? It essentially revolves around a basic low carbohydrate and high protein meal, throughout the day. However, its popularity faded with the death of its founder in 2003.

Why should we avoid it? This diet promoted consumption of red meat and cheeses and targeted a protein rich diet. It lost its popularity because it allowed hefty portions of red meat, which when taken in large portions proves to be a health hazard.

The 100 diet


What is it? This low carbohydrate diet, allows only 100 sugar calories in a day.

Why should we avoid it? To compute this number, you will have to multiply the number of carbohydrates in a food item by four, after which you will realize that even a small cup of brown rice is not enough. So essentially it is starving.
Hence proved, it is a health hazard.

The HCG diet
What is it? This method allows the consumption of 500 – 800 calories per day along with an HCG injection every day. HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy.

Why should we avoid it? This is a case of dropping pounds by calorie restriction. While, HCG is legally used for treating infertility, it is not FDA approved for over the counter dietary use.

The Tapeworm Diet

Bizarre diet
Bizarre diet

What is it? The name itself is too gross to even consider following it. An Iowa woman had consumed a tape worm, she purchased to lose weight and her doctor alarmed by her extreme behaviour alerted the State’s Public Health Department. They finally issued a warning against such methods.

Why should we avoid it? Well, who would like to eat a tapeworm? I mean there is a limit to disgusting. Apart from the obvious, taeniasis is the medical term for this parasitic infection. Weight loss happens to be a side effect of the infection, but then again so is acute abdominal pain, eye damage and death.

The 3 day diet


What is it? For three days the dieters consume 800 – 1000 calories, from simple food like mayonnaise free tuna, toast and black coffee.

Why should we avoid it? Because of the calorie restriction, dropping a few pounds is guaranteed. But the calorie intake is lower than required level for adults according to U.S News and World Reports. The lack of regulation following the dirt makes it impossible to maintain the weight loss.

So now when you know which diets to avoid I would earnestly request you to please do a background check and consult your dietician before you randomly decide to stop eating. Cutting your body off essential nutrients even for a short while can have adverse effects. So let’s just start by reducing the amount of cheese and mayonnaise in the burger, but no one is asking you to give up on cheese. That is a crime, cheese is life. But if you want to lose weight, start reducing the fat and increasing the fibre in moderation.

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