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Different Yoga steps to suit every Individual’s Needs


Yoga has been proved to help us lead a healthy life. It has been practiced since time immemorial by our sadhus. Yoga has been developed such that they blend in with nature and hence, while performing the yoga sequences we become one with the nature. It focuses on uniting the mind and the body, into one channel for the energy to flow freely. Yoga is very refreshing for one’s body and mind, and is highly recommended by health enthusiasts as a must-do health regime for a fitter physique.

Just like all other fitness exercises and sequences, there are various types of yoga which are suited for different body types, and which yield different results. The most commonly practiced yoga is the Hatha yoga. In addition to that, there is Surya Namaskar, Bhakti Yoga, Bikram Yoga and Prananyama which are fairly famous and common too. An important thing which should be remembered before mastering these yoga is that it should be done only under the scrutiny of an instructor. Here’s a look on the different types of yoga and its effects.

1. Hatha yoga


According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva propounded this form of yoga. He was explaining it to his wife Parvathy, assuming that they were in a very secluded place, but it was overheard by a fish, who later took the form of a sage and spread the knowledge to the world. ‘Ha’ means the Sun and ‘Tha’ means the Moon, and Hatha yoga combines the positive and negative aspects, the masculinity (represented by the Sun) and the femininity (represented by the Moon) into one channel, for the energy to flow freely. Hatha yoga is the basic and most simplest form of yoga, practiced by a large number of people. It is the best sequence for the beginners to take their maiden step in mastering yoga. Hatha yoga doesn’t tire an individual, but actually leaves them rejuvenated after the session. The effects of this yoga is slow to set in, but when they finally do, it is permanent. This yoga is also prescribed for weight loss, flexibility and for overall well-being.

2. Pranayama


This is an extension of Hatha yoga, which focuses only on breathing. Breathing is an important aspect in our life, which we seldom recognize. Proper breathing contributes to the wellness of our lungs and the blood, thus, keeping our body safe from various ailments. Pranayama is a set of various breathing techniques to improve the blood flow and our lung capacity. It also helps in improving our concentration, since Prananyama ensures complete focus on the breathing and nothing but. One would be amazed to know that they are actually various kind of breathing techniques, some very intense, some mild to moderate, involving one or both nostrils. People have claimed that Pranayama had soothing effect on their senses, relieves them of stress and clears their mind. As with other yoga, Pranayama must be done by following the instructions of a trainer, despite it being a simple breathing exercises.

3. Surya Namaskar


Literally meaning ‘salutation to the sun’, this twelve-step yoga sequence has various health benefits. The effects are best when done early in the morning, preferably in open space, to bask in the early rays of the sun and imbibe in its energy which is purest and at its fullest in the morning. True, the pollution affects the purity, but not to a very large extent. Surya Namaskar is effective because this twelve step sequence has the most important asanas important for the free blood flow, and this helps in weight reduction, and the bending steps results in the blood flowing to the head, resulting in instant rejuvenation. Though the classical Surya Namaskar is twelve-step sequence, there are variations brought about various yoga pioneers for specific purposes. These variations are brought about for added intensity and more obvious results. Surya Namaskar is the best solution for the busy people, who badly want to practice yoga, but couldn’t, due to insufficient time. Surya Namaskar wouldn’t take much of one’s time, and this is a good excuse to wake up early in the morning.

4. Bikram Yoga


This twenty-six posture sequence put in order by Bikram Choudhury from the traditional Hatha yoga, Bikram Yoga is a rage now. It is equivalent to an intense workout, and people experience immediate results. It is a mandatory ninety minute exercise, not more not less, and this method of yoga must be practiced only at optimum temperature and humidity, depending on the locality. Ideally, these classes should take place at a temperature of 40 degree Celsius and a humidity of 40 percentage. Bikram Yoga classes last for no longer than a month, after which the individuals are expected to practice regularly by themselves. Sometimes, Bikram Yoga is taught by Bikram Choudhury himself, since these students aspire to become teachers of Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga can only be taught by certified teachers. People who wish to practice Bikram Yoga must be proficient in the Hatha yoga. Though Bikram Yoga has still not made an appearance in India, it is a must-try yoga for the wellness of our being.

In addition to these, there are various other kinds of Yoga. These are the most trending and famous among them all. It is not very hard to practice yoga. For some people, yoga isn’t an exercise, it is their lifestyle.

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