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Diet for Sunny Days


Summer is the season of freedom as in this season we don’t have any restriction to go out anywhere due to unfavourable condition unlike rainy season or winters. But we should be aware of the fact that though summer doesn’t hurt us directly but it has some consequences with it which affect us indirectly and abruptly. In summer the most prominent as well as dominant problem which we face is of dehydration. Due to loss of water human body suffers a lot. The minimum water retention which it requires should be maintained at any cost, otherwise it affects our metabolism and consequently our health. Other major problems are tanning of skin, skin-burn, skin-cancer (if body is under prolonged sun rays), eyes swelling, etc.


The mentioned problems are basically the skin issues which can be treated by using natural remedies or cosmetics but the chief problem which we are dealing with in summer is of “food”. Summer demands a drastic change in our diet from that we have in winters, from high calorie food full of fats and oil we have to go for low calorie food having low or negligible amount o oil and fats in summer season. This can lead us to feel deprive of our diet as we all are basically fond of heavy foods with oil and taste, full of spices and flavours. These type of food can lead us to the decline of our health in summer because this very season requires a lot of work-out and care regarding the food stuffs. This is the season which has a long vacation with it and vacation surely brings enjoyment and freedom to roam wherever we want and to eat whatever we like. So, why not we change the arena of our likeness? I mean, we should try to make summer season the one in which we can have the healthiest food ever. Just a little work on your diet can make this season jovial for you without having any feeling of deprivation of good food. Making a good diet or including the list of healthy and oil-free edibles in your diet-chart can make you resistible to the indispensable heat of Sun.

So, here are some of the foods and drinks which you should try to go with in this very season to stay cool and refreshed even in the weary and exhausted situation under the extreme and scorching heat of Sun. Here they go.

  1. Indispensable water!!!


Yes, water is really indispensable for this season. The required level of water in the body should be maintained to stay fit and fine in summer. The more we sweat the cooler we feel but simultaneously loss of water from the body in the form of sweat can reduce the water percentage that we need for our body. And this can lead to dehydration. With the use of water one thing that we can surely keep in our mind is that at the time of drinking water we should avoid chilled water as the really cool water may lead to a slight constriction of the blood vessels in the skin and decrease heat loss, which is not advisable when trying to cool down. Drinking lots of water keep us cool even in the hot situation. Thin buttermilk, coconut water and fresh lime juice are the most important drinks used in summer season.

We should avoid aerated water to keep us cool as they contain high sugar and thus harmful for this season. They act as a diuretic as they are acidic in nature and thus causes loss of fluids through urine. Moreover, most of the soft-drinks contain diluted phosphoric acid which is also harmful for our bones, making them brittle and porous by removing calcium from it.

  1. Fresh fruits Vs Dried Fruits


Intake of fresh fruits are more advisable than the dried one. Dry fruits contain oil and fats in them whereas in fresh fruits we have lots of water as well as other nutrients like vitamin and protein. In this case , we have to be alert in taking some fruits or vegetables which are warm in nature like onion, garlic, mangoes, grapes, radish, beetroot, etc. If you are not interested in eating simply the fruits then you can also avail them in the form of healthy and tasty fruit shakes as well as smoothies. Giving your diet a fruit punch is really a smart move for you.

  1. Curd and yoghurt


You can include curd and yoghurt in your diet if you are very much concerned about your taste in this season also. Besides being tasty it is very much healthy for the body as it prevents dehydration. Drinking buttermilk or lassi as the coolants just before leaving in sun really help a lot in keeping the body cool.


  1. Innovative Salads


This is the easiest way to keep yourself cool and healthy as making salads is very easy and creative also. Using different fruits and vegetables to make it and then topping it with mint leaves or lemon slices is really a cool way to confront summer’s intense effects. We should take care of the fact that using mayonnaise or cream to decorate the salads in summer is not at all a smart way of having salads.


  1. Grilled Vegetable


Having grilled veggies instead of fried one is really helpful in summer as it maintains taste as well as the health of the body. Grilled or roasted veggies contain lower amount of fats and oil than the fried one.

Thus, these are some of the things which you can include in your diet and stay fit and fine along with your coolness even in this sunny days.


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