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Desserts – the ultimate step to conclude meal!


Dessert is a typically sweet course that wind up a meal. The word “dessert” originated from the French word desservir meaning “to clean the table”. Dessert can emanate in variations of colors, flavors, textures, and toppings. There is a great diversity in desserts that includes ice-creams, cookies, biscuits, candies, cakes, pastries, pies and puddings.

Amongst all, ice-cream stands the first. Yes, no one can leave the table without having it. It is a frozen treat that comes in hundreds of flavors. Pink, blue, yellow, green….What’s your favorite flavor? Is it vanilla? That’s the most popular flavor by far. Chocolate ranks second in popularity. Other favorite flavors include strawberry, cherry, peach, butter pecan, and chocolate mint. But have you ever eaten ice cream flavored with garlic or green tea? Some people do. Ice cream comes in countless flavors. Imagine tasting burnt-caramel ice cream. How about coffee- or molasses-flavored ice cream? You can even buy ice cream flavored with rose petals!

ice cream

How many ways are there to eat ice cream? There’s the ice-cream cone, which grasps the hand of everyone usually. How about the ice-cream bar or the ice-cream sandwich? Do you like milkshakes? They’re made by blending milk with ice cream. A fancier dessert is the ice-cream sundae. A classic sundae is ice cream served with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. A banana split is a sundae served with a slice of banana on each side. You can even eat deep-fried ice cream. Yes, it’s really fried! Or you can just eat ice cream all by itself.
Making ice cream is pretty simple. It’s usually made from milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings. Mix it all together as you freeze it and you get ice cream. As the mixture begins to freeze you can then add extra ingredients like fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips. If you freeze the mixture, you get regular ice cream. Soft ice cream is just regular ice cream that isn’t fully frozen yet. Some people make ice cream at home in an ice-cream mixer, a special kind of home freezer. But nearly all ice cream produced today is made by machines in ice-cream factories.

There are many other popular frozen desserts that are similar to ice cream. Sherbet is made from fruit syrup that has milk or egg white added to it. Ice milk, also called low-fat ice cream, is made with milk instead of cream. Soft-serve ice cream is served before it’s fully frozen.

Next to ice-cream, that comes in our mind is chocolate (can be given equal preference too!). Do you like chocolate? Most people do. Chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world. Chocolate came originally from the Americas. The ancient Maya Indians called cocoa beans the “food of the gods.” It’s used in cake, cookies, ice cream, hot cocoa, and candy bars. It’s eaten with nuts or raisins or any number of other things. You can even buy chocolate-covered grasshoppers!
But chocolate isn’t just candy. Chocolate is used in cooking, too. Chocolate-flavored chicken! Can you imagine that? And chocolate isn’t naturally sweet. It’s bitter. Sugar has to be added to make sweet treats out of pure chocolate. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans. It is dried, roasted,   ground and then crushed to release a liquid known as chocolate liquor. This bitter-tasting liquid contains a fat called cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is what makes chocolate so creamy and delicious. To make the chocolate you eat, sugar and more cocoa butter are added to the unsweetened chocolate liquor. Other ingredients might also be added for flavor, including milk or vanilla. Milk chocolate is eaten in bars or used as a coating on candy.

Now the question arises…. What do chocolate bars, jellybeans, caramels, lollipops, and licorice all have in common? Yes, they’re all types of candy. Candy is one of the world’s most popular sweet-tasting foods. Sugar is the main ingredient in most candy. Other ingredients, such as honey, are sometimes used as sweeteners. Many other ingredients are used in different candies. They include milk, eggs, flour, nuts, fruit, and flavorings such as vanilla and peppermint. The kinds of candy made are nearly endless!

Candy comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. Some candies are hard while others are soft and creamy or sticky and chewy. The difference lies in how the candy is made.
Hard candies, such as lollipops and lemon drops, are made by boiling sugar with corn syrup and water. Chewy candies, such as caramels and toffees, are made by boiling sugar, milk, and vegetable oil. Of course! Chocolates are the most popular candies of all.

The simplest candy is cotton candy. Yes, you have eaten in your childhood days or even now while wandering in exhibition, roaming around streets or beaches. It has one ingredient: sugar. The sugar is melted in a container with tiny holes and then spun very fast. The whirling container forces the sugar through the holes, making those thin threads that melt in your mouth. And that’s the so called magic, you say being a kid!

There are still some categories in which desserts can be placed. Let’s discuss the few:-

  • Cakes and pastries – What comes in your mind while saying about cake? Most of us will say “birthday”. Is it the only occasion to have that dessert? A big no…..Christmas, New Year, Anniversaries…..all have one thing in common and that is cake. It is a baked sweet food usually made from flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients. Cake with cream makes the pastry. Cookies are also similar to cakes that are usually prepared by our granny!
  •  Biscuits – An evening snack time, common man’s diet, older people favorites…all includes biscuit! Like ice-creams, they also come in different size, shape, flavor, cream or without cream. It’s a small round plain piece of bread that rises with baking powder or soda and is then baked in an oven.
  • Pies and puddings – Pie is a baked dish consisting of a filling whereas pudding consists of a thickened dairy base.

Get, set, go……enjoy the holidays and beat the summer with desserts of your favorites!

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