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Depression: A basic understanding.



The younger generation these days faces a lot of problems in almost all spheres of their lives. Some of them go through so much more than they should. All of these have led to the increase in the number of cases of mental ailments within that group. If one goes into the western countries one out of every ten person is suffering from one mental ailment or the other and within a few years these mental ailments are said to be the biggest killers. A lot of problems arise because of these mental ailments. One of the most prominent and common mental ailment is Depression.

Some consider depression to be just a state of mind and something one can snap in or out of quite easily. This is just a myth. It is not a state of mind but an illness. A depressed or sad mood should never be confused with the mental ailment of “Depression”. They both are quite distinct in their natures. What one just went through is 1 percent of what the person who suffers from the mental ailment of depression goes through. A depressed mood is something which lasts for something and is often referred to as a phase in which one tends to feel low all the time and tends to give up on themselves and also on things and starts to get negative thoughts inside their heads.

On the other hand a patient with depression has prolonged feelings of what one feels in a sad mood along with intensification of feelings, which later on brings about a lot of other changes in the person. A person, who just enters the first phase of depression, faces a problem of realizing what the person is going through as everything inside the head seems like a mess and one seems to identify it only as a low phase because one generally tends to feel low all the time. After some time passes by the person starts to feel tired more than often even when they are not indulging into heavy physical or mental activities and get more or less sleep than they should, in short the sleep cycle messes up and they also prefer being alone more than they used to and would rather shut themselves in a room than going out. These are some of the very important symptoms of Depression and if you think you show some of these then you should consider getting yourself checked, because it is better late than never.

As time passes by the feelings of hopelessness take a huge turn which start to affect the mental capabilities of the person in a very harmful way as they do not think they are good enough, which in turn makes their work suffer and their output decreases. As this goes on, they lose complete hope, which leads to self-hate. Yes hate is indeed a strong word, but then again the feelings that they go through are as strong as that word. They start to feel that they are not good enough for anything and also they can do nothing right. The worse feeling which it might lead to in some cases would be the feeling of not being good enough to even live.

In some of the cases, depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. Yes, suicide is something which is looked down upon in almost every society that one lives in. It is morally wrong or right is another argument for some other time. But for these people it is something which can reduce the pain and the suffering they go through and which kills them inside. It is something which they want to stop and cannot. They believe that it is the only way to escape.

Apart from suicidal tendencies, one may also show self-harm tendencies. Self-harm as the world suggest is something in which one hurts them themself. The most common example is cutting, which categorizes one is an attention seeker. The other may not involve physically hurting themselves but they do involve emotional hurt like pushing someone away or closing down emotionally and many such more. Self-harm can be of either type and in most cases it goes un-noticed. Yes, the first thought that would have crossed your mind would be why anyone would do such a terrible thing, etc. The simplest explanation would be that when one hurts themselves, they feel as if they deserve it (which is not true) and till some extent it helps them to not think about the feelings and directs their mind into other direction for a while. Whereas when any sort of physical harm is done the brain releases beta endorphins, which helps one to feel better.


So if you know anyone who shows any of these ailments then please take them to the doctor, in order to get some help. It can be controlled and cured to an extent. One thing to remember always is that never take a person suffering from mental illness to be crazy or mad, they are just different and need to be treated normally. Like Lewis Carol said “I’m not crazy my reality is just different from yours”. Again quoting him “We are all mad here.” Do not shut them out, help them as much as you can, as they are in desperate need of help.

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