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Dating your best friend


When we fall in love with someone it is simply because of their nature, looks and the way they behave with us. A lot of people need to put in serious efforts to be in love with someone or make themselves compatible to each other. Imagine how it would be to start dating someone whom you barely know. It would be really weird. Although the initials times would include a lot of fun, adventure and stories to tell, later on conflicts will follow as you both will know the deeper and darker sides of each other. At the start, everyone looks attractive and flashy, she will have great stories to tell you and a lot of friends to meet but later on you will realize that she has certain habits that you are not compatible to or you don’t like. And since you barely knew her, you do not have enough right to tell her to change as per your convenience. But imagine you did? And that you knew her really well from the start? Of course it would be good. That is the reason, dating your best friend is one of the best decisions the two of you can make. In college life and later on too, best friends are what keep you going through life. They help you with every little thing and they know everything about you as time graduated. They are the ones who possess your deep secrets and the ones you call when you are in deep sorrow. They are ready to help you at any point of time and the best part is that in front of them, you can be you! There is no false behavior or no keeping up to your best, you can be as crazy as you want, jump around, play around or even cry your deepest sorrows and tales of your loneliness while they will throw themselves out of their way to help you and deal with your problems. This is the best reason that you have to date your best friend.

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It is not like the two of you don’t get together right? Of course you do! That’s the reason you guys are best friends. This could be perfect in a way that you have not even thought about. Dating your best friend involves too many emotions to enjoy. It is a perfect blend of love and love-one as a friend and the other as a lover. The two of you are made of each other and know the secrets about each other well. You know the bad habits of each other and ones that will irritate your partner as well. And in spite of all of this, you still find her perfect and have no problems with her as you know that her habits are a very small part of her and that it is totally worth it to tolerate any of that for the kind of person she is. Another aspect of dating your best friend is the kind of freedom you get  in managing your time between your best friend and your girlfriend. Since the two are the same, you will never have problems managing your time. It is all per perfect. The two of you can spend as much time as you want together without anyone even speculating that anything is on as the two of you were always together from the start. The way both of you understand each other is phenomenal and it is a match that no one can break as the bonding is just too strong.

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Another thing to understand is that dating your best friend will always be a long term relationship.It has to be! For the effort the  two of you will put in to carry it forward will be unmeasurable. It is a very important part of it to understand that you will have a lot of fight and arguments amongst you’ll. Probably even more than any other couple will have. This is because you will have your set of fights as a best friend and your set of fights as a couple and finally the two of you will be fed up of each other but it is not the time to give up. You need to understand that breaking up from this relationship will ruin your life completely. Not only will you have the effects that others have post a break-up, but also you will feel really lonely and may even have to change your friend circles as the weirdness will flow in. But all of this will come together as a huge wave because you will lose your only companion, the best friend and the girlfriend in one shot. And to prevent this from happening, you will have to put in everything you have so that the thing carries forward. But it is totally worth it. And no matter what, it is the best thing that can happen in your life as the two of you will carve out dents in yourselves to accommodate the comforts of the other and to ensure that the other person is comfortable because at the end of it, you don’t really want the other person that badly, but you just need them to be present in your life.

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