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Who should you date?


Everyone wants someone to be with. There would hardly be anyone who would say that they are not interested in being with anybody else and want to live their life all alone in solitude. Being with someone makes you feel secure and all of a sudden you have a feeling of escaping from the precarious world and being in safe company. But then there is a bigger picture to look at. How do you decide who the right person is? How will you conclude that the person you are going out with is the right person indeed? This broader picture can be analyzed through simple questions. All you need to do is look for some of the qualities which your partner should possess. Here is the list for the same.

Things your date should do for you!


Makes you feel secure emotionally

This is very important in any relationship. Your date should be a person who can make you feel secure, whether it is through some physical actions or whether it is through emotional assistance. There are often cases when people go out with you only for the sake of having fun. They want you when they wish to celebrate and when you are in a jovial mood. But very few people stand by their partners in times of sorrow and sadness. Hence you should always look for someone who can be supportive in such crisis times and who is willing to be with you in all situations, no matter how bad it is, and make you feel emotionally secure. This is how you can date smart!

Tolerates your anger

Well, most of the grumpy people would be happy seeing this. But before the happiness crosses all bounds, I would like to clarify the meaning of this. Tolerating your anger doesn’t mean that your date should be your punching bag and a shock absorber. This means that your date should know how to handle you when you are not in the best of moods and are soaring high on red. They should be able to tame your anger, not buy bouncing back on you in the same way, but by their actions and there temperament. They should have a steady head on their shoulders and a calming effect on you and your anger.


Makes you feel rich

Well, this is very important, especially for the guys. Your date should make you feel rich in a sense that she should not make you become a spendthrift. She should be able to carefully manage your expenses and make you save money for the right cause. For the young gentlemen who are yet to earn on their own and are enjoying with their dad’s money, this point is very important. You should know that the money you are spending on your date is a hard earned money of your father and you have no right to spend it on any third party. More importantly, this is what your girlfriend should understand. She should know the situation of her boyfriend and be sensible enough to handle the expenses and not make her boyfriend spend a lot. If you are dating someone with such qualities, go ahead and be with them; they are the best!

Can communicate well

Do not misjudge this point and ask your partner to learn new languages and behavior. Communicating well refers to your partner’s ability to tell you everything that is on their mind. They should be frank and bold enough to put their viewpoints in front of you. There is no point in dating a zoo animal who obeys everything you say. So date someone who has the confidence of sharing their feelings.

Someone who is strong

Make sure that your date is someone who can be strong in all situations. Not physically but mentally. In case you guys separate in future, your partner should be strong enough to handle the pressure of this separation. There are various cases of people indulging themselves in hardcore boozing after their break up. In some cases, things go so bad that they decide to end their lives for the sake of one person. Well, this is not at all sensible in the longer run. So this point is as important as any other point. Your partner should be emotionally strong.


Someone who is really there

There is no point in being with someone who is there with you just for namesake. No matter whether your date is in same town or in some other place, they should find out time to meet you and go various places whenever possible. Imagine a situation when you are dating someone but you are later forced to move to some other city. After a long break you come back to your town again in the vacations but your partner has simply no time to meet you. They say they will definitely turn up but never make it to you. Your vacation ends and you move back to your workplace. Nothing to laugh about. I have seen people going through such phases. So you should always be careful with your date and your dates with them on the right dates.

Anyone can date anybody but the real person is the one who not only dates but dates smart.

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