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Dare to Dream!


“I have a dream, A song to Sing. That helps me cope with anything”.

Life. Don’t you sometimes wish it was different? Have you ever thought that, just maybe, you should have focused on something else? I mean, we all are humans. A lot of our wishes go unfulfilled. That is a very sad part of our lives. We think of so much we want to do. Our dreams mean so much to us. But, as time moves on, we get so busy that we lose ourselves. Our dreams, our goals, should they be gone just like that? Me think not. I think it is time you guys should start realizing the importance of life. We have this life, this spirit in us, that wants to do so much but that just gets restrained in this society. Slowly and slowly, this ability to dream has weakened. We forget our essence. All I want to say is: DARE TO DREAM!

To start with, every single dream has its own importance. Right from a small, little girl’s dream of becoming a ballerina to this busy man on the Wall Street who wants to make it big- all these dreams are important. Dream- this concept is so important in a society that we have so many movies that are filmed around this theme. Some movies that talk about dreams in one way or the other are Centre Stage, Step Up Series, Pursuit of Happyness and The Wolf of Wall Street. Dreams are important. They build the person that you become. It is important not to lose our individuality and goals in this fast paced world. At the end of the day, it is more important to be content with oneself rather than fulfilling all the expectations that people have from you. The “fulfilling the expectations” part is just a cherry on the cake! Our life should be fulfilling for yourself first!

Dare to dream. Let go. Live life. Be who you want to be. You know, in our society, people actually suppress half of our dreams. You should actually chart your dream plan. Be brave and bold. Dare to do what you dream. It may not be conventional but, that is what will make you happy. Dare to be different. Being unique is a blessing in disguise. Most of our lives, we try fitting in with the people around us. That takes so much effort, does it not? So, why try?

Here are a few things you should start doing in order to build up a dream and work on it.

1) Dare to dream and be different

Screw what the society says! You want to do something that is good for you eventually, then go ahead and do it! Explore options. Think of what you want your life to be like. There are unlimited amounts of dreams to dream! You go be a baker, a dancer, a singer, a pilot, anything! If your dream is to be the best stock broker, you do that! You want to make the next Eiffel Tower, you do that! Try and work on being the best. Make innovation your new best friend. Work hard and make yourself proud.

2) Make a schedule

So, when you have eventually decided what your dream is, start working on it. If we take an example of a student who wants to be a baker: Attend college and do what is expected of you by the society. Get your degree and make people happy. Also, side by side, take a lot of baking courses, try and intern for bakeries, start a blog or a small business from your home. With the amazing technology these days, working from home and become so easy!

3) Always be dedicated and focused

Never let the Dream leave your site. Everyone should have a goal in life. When you are fortunate enough to have actually decided on your dream, never stray. Be focused and achieve what you have always wanted to. Dreaming is beautiful but, achieving it makes it real. Dedication 24/7 has to be there.

4) Hang out with motivated people

You are only as bright and motivated as the people in your group. Motivation is like germs. They infect all the people around. In a good way. When you see someone working hard, you automatically want to have something to work on. The same way, you become lazy around lazy people. You don’t feel motivated. You feel tired all the time. Choose your company wisely.

5) Be aware of all opportunities

When you work for something, you should also find ways of letting your work flow. That is also a way of gaining experience. Are you a musician? Find places where you can compete or perform. Are you a baker? Make goods and distribute them around. Spread the word. Are you an engineer? Intern as much as you can, get a good GPA and focus on building a good CV. There are always ways around what you want to achieve.

Again, be brave and bold. Dare to dream. Live on the edge. Life is too short to live restrained. Dreams are so important. They, ideally, make us feel whole. The feeling of motivation and inspiration become so addictive with time that once you get hooked on, there is just no going back.






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