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COVER STORY: Kajal’s rebirth as Kohl     


I am a college going girl!! I am out for almost 14 hours daily!

Being in college I know that, I need a kohl/kajal which lasts long and is pocket friendly as well.

I’ve spent almost a week to do a research, to bring the best review on kohl for my readers.

I will start with the cheap and pocket friendly kajal but it doesn’t mean that i will play with your health.

Before mentioning any Brand’s kohl I would like to share what all disadvantages can be there post kohl application?

Kohl is a popular eye care product and its use has been reported since ancient times. Let’s look at a few disadvantages of wearing Kohl/Kajal:

  • Kajal can thinner your eyelashes.
  • Can cause eye ailments. You can even lose your vision.
  • No medical properties found till date.

Now that we have been through the CONS of kohl, lets checkout its PROS too! So here are a few Advantages:

  • Kajal gives me a mysterious look and turns head of many guys.
  •  It also has some medical properties for curing eye ailment.
  • You are an Indian? Kajal is your birthright whether you’re a girl or a guy?
  • This makes your eyes look bigger and adds beauty to a non makeup look too!

Now as we all have read about the PROS and CONS of a kohl/kajal

Let’s review a few kajal/kohl available in the Indian market but before that let us learn the easy and perfect application of the same.

Top 3 Kajal available in Indian Markets (personally used/tested on my eyes)

Have you ever noticed that a typical Indian beauty never walks out without a hint of her trusted eyedefiner on an important occasion where she wants to create an impression?  And if you have, you have been witnessing the rarest phenomenon ever in the culture! We, the Indian women, are highly obsessed with highlighting our eyes as our grandmothers and even the ladies in mogul area used to do.

Mayebelline Colossal Kajal

It’s one of the best kohl/kajal available in the market till date. I, myself, have been using the same kajal for a year now. I think its colour payoff is not as good as any other kajals available in the Indian market.

maybelline colossal kajal

Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal

This kajal boasts natural ingredients as well as qualities. This is the most trusted kajal in my vanity box. No itching and irritation is reported till date. It takes 3-4 swipes for a good colour payoff.


Himalaya herbal healthcare kajal


Himalay herbals kajal review2

Another natural kajal from the famous household brand Himalaya Herbals – Herbal eye definer.

This one is the best kajal when it comes to the colour payoff! One single swipe and jet black outlining in my eyes! It has oily finish hence beware it is NOT at all smudge proof. But at the rate of Rs.120 it’s an amazing deal.

How to prepare a kajal at home?

  1. You have to place the burning diya with an ample amount of castor oil in between two bowls and a plate over it.
  2. Wait for 1, 2, 3…20 minutes and kaboom! Lift up the plate and here you go! (Be careful! the plate will be very hot.)
  3. Use a cloth or tong to pick up the plate and you will notice some soot collected on the surface of the plate.
  4. Scrap out the soot with a blunt knife or from the back side of the spoon. Put this soot in a dry container and add a few drops of ghee or homemade butter in it. Store this black paste in a steel box.
  5. TIPS

  • If your homemade kajal smudges, then put it under sunlight as it will soak away extra oil.
  • Use your finger or a brush which you get for free with gel eyeliner to apply this kajal.
  • Remember put ghee in right amounts. If you will put lesser amount of it, kajal will get dry whereas invice versa situation kajal can get oilier too.
  • Mix your kajal and ghee with your index finger. Before that I should warn you that you might get black finger which will take two days to get back to normal.

Things youwill need to prepare kajal at home :-

I.                   Two flat bottomed bowls

II.               Castor oil or cows ghee

III.            Tong

IV.             Diya cotton

V.                Diya or lamp

VI.             Steel plate

                                        APPLICATIONOF KAJAL

Now we will discuss how to apply kajal both on upper eyelid as well as on waterline effectively.

  • Wash your hands carefully before applying the kajal.
  • Warm the tip of the kajal by rubbing it on the surface of your hand.
  • Press the bottom of your eye.
  • Place the tip of the kajal on your waterline at the corner side of your eye.
  • Colour the eye area with smooth motion.
  • Now place the kajal on your upper eyelid and draw a line right next to the natural lash line by using the kajal stick.

Hope you liked the kohl guide. Stay tuned for my next cover story on lipsticks and liptints! Au Revoir!

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