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Contact Lenses and Make-up


Aaaah! So you have finally decided to get rid of your glasses and switched to contact lenses.

No one calls you ‘chashmish’ or ‘chaar-aankhen’ or ‘padhaaku’ any more. You can read your favorite novels while lying down on the bed and not be irritated by the frame of your glasses poking you. You can get out of an AC room and sip hot tea or coffee without having your vision blurred momentarily because of the mist which gets formed on the glasses all of a sudden. You can play your favorite outdoor games without having to save your glasses from falling or getting damaged.

You don’t need to walk away from that wonderful shop displaying sunglasses. 3-D movies become all the more enjoyable when you don’t need to adjust the 3D glasses over your specs. You can enjoy your passion of Photography with more comfort. You do not need to worry about the marks which might get formed on your face because of the frames. Getting pictures clicked become more enjoyable and the fretting over ‘only-my-pic-came-bad-because-of-the-glare-on-the-specs’ gets completely eliminated. All-in-all, welcoming contact lenses in your life seems the best decision you have made!


All these years, you have spent a considerable amount of time to get that eyeliner just perfect but nobody ever seemed to notice. Specs came in the way of your patience and the final outcome was never strikingly noticeable! You needn’t worry anymore. That perfect eye-make up of yours will now be distinct and even envied by those who cannot perfect the art like you have.

But in the haste of applying make-up, one should not forget some basic tips as the combination of contact lenses and make up and bacteria can land you with serious eye-problems. Otherwise also, even if some tiny make-up gets in the eyes, it causes a lot of discomfort. Now, when you plan to use make up along with contacts, you need to be extra careful. A small mishandling or ignorance from your part can end up in you having to visit your ophthalmologist. Hence, you always need to be a bit extra careful.

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind while applying make-up along with using contact lenses. You may already know a few but I believe repetition brings no harm.


Applying make-up:

  • Always, always, always wash your hands before handling lenses. Do not put any moisturizer or cream or lotion on your hands before putting lenses.
  • Spray hairspray, deodorants or perfumes without having the lenses on. In case you do use it after putting on your lenses, make sure to keep your eyes shut so that no spray gets into the eyes and irritate the lenses.
  • Always first insert your soft lenses and then start the make-up

Removing make-up:

  • First and foremost wash your hands with soap and dry your hands
  • Remove your contacts and put them in the lens case filled with fresh solution after cleaning (Do not re-use the solution)
  • Make-up particles can stick to contact lenses. Gently rubbing the contact lens with solution can easily remove the make-up particles.
  • Then, remove the make-up
  • Use lid wipes in order to fully get rid of all the make-up residue (Really helpful for those who wear heavy make-up)


  • In case you use a pencil eye-liner, opt for a soft pencil as they don’t flake as much as a hard pencil eyeliners
  • Use waterproof eyeliner pencils if you have problems with wet eyeliners
  • Don’t apply eye-liner to your inner eye-lid



  • Go for traditional lengthening and volumizing mascaras instead of mascaras with fiber particles
  • Opt for water-resistant (smudge-proof) mascara over water-proof mascara
  • While applying mascara, start from the middle of the eye-lashes moving towards the tips. The usual method of applying mascara from the base of the lashes can move the mascara and the mascara wand too close to the eyes
  • In case you are prone to irritation around the eye area, then consider investing in disposable mascara wands and use a new wand each time you apply mascara
  • Smell your mascara to know if your mascara is too old. In case it smells of faint gasoline then it means that the formula is breaking down and it can lead to infection and styes


  • Use an eye-shadow primer as it helps the shadow stay better and keeps them from running down the face
  • While applying eye-shadow, always use clean applicator brushes
  • While applying powder eye-shadow, close your eye and brush off any excess prior to opening your eye
  • While using powder-shadow, keep a tissue under your eye-lashes as it will catch any excess shadow dust and avoid its entry into the eye
  • Cream eye-shadows are less likely to get into your eye than powder. But creams can irritate your eye more in case they do get in.
  • Use water-based cream eye-shadows over oil based shadows

Make-up Storage:

  • Clean all the brushes regularly
  • Never use expired products
  • Discard the product if it has developed an odour or changed its colour
  • Replace your make-up regularly
  • Keep make-up free from dust, properly sealed and out of direct sunlight



  • Avoid putting make-up directly on the eyelid margins as the oil glands can become clogged leading to dry eyes and irritation
  • Avoid oil-based products around the eyes
  • Switch to water-based, hypoallergenic liquid foundation as the cream make-up can cause a lot of discomfort if it gets into the eyes
  • Don’t use saliva to apply eye-shadow, liquid eye-liner or to try to get more use out of your old mascara
  • Avoid wearing false eye-lashes while wearing lenses as the glue can enter the eye
  • In order to avoid infection, use a non-irritating facial cleanser and scrub the lash line gently to remove make-up
  • Use hypoallergenic, mineral or organic make-up in case you are very sensitive
  • Never apply make-up in a moving vehicle
  • Don’t wear contacts when you go the hair salon. Even second-hand spray and fumes can damage your lenses
  • Never wear you’re your contacts while you straighten or curl or colour your hair
  • Never share your make-up or applicators. Cosmetic brushes pick-up bacteria which can be easily transferred.
  • If your eyes become red, itchy, watery, red or sore, discontinue the use of lenses immediately. Avoid using make-up and lenses till the infection disappears.
  • Always carry your lens solution/lubricant at all times
  • Remove eye make-up before sleeping. Bits of make-up can get into your eyes causing them to turn red, dry and irritated
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