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When All Conquers Love


No one talks to their parents or grandparents about love. Awkward topic? Yes it is. Okay then, what about love stories? Take it as a fact – or test it for yourself – that no matter how disgracefully they view love, they do know of a love story their heart respects. And it is not some Pushpa eloping with the postman; it is a guy and a girl committing the society-defying crime of love, being disgraced their family and shown the way ahead at every door but yet confident enough of their love to stand tall with its support. But all this was when there was no sin as sincere as love. Now let’s roll back to 2014 and… So does your Facebook say you’re single or it’s complicated? Well these days take it as a fact – or test it for yourself – love’s complicated.

In a Relationship

Relationships… Are they anymore about love? Or have they become yet another status symbol? Because many people today are in a relationship just because they can’t stand being single. Or is it not a status symbol but something else? Maybe feeling love isn’t as important as feeling someone now. And that someone too changes with seasons because of the trend the youth follows now: Have backup before breakup.

There is not as much pain in saying goodbye for life now as there was in saying goodbye for the night. Because now they know that love is even easier to find than free Wi-Fi. Maybe that’s why older people frown when they see a couple. What we term as ‘old mentality’ may not be their objection to the closeness of couple, but their fakeness. Because in their generation they knew what a matter of life and death it had been and in ours even we know it is not the same. From a pleasurable crime it has somehow degraded to a time pass. The relationships are no longer based on trust, sacrifice and love but on how long it takes for a person to get tired of the other. Earlier love had been when two people only needed each other and nothing else to spend their entire life.

Now, love is two homo-sapiens requiring no else interaction with existing mankind excluding their cohort to occupy their plenary being. It’s the same, it’s just got complicated. Love has never been a word. Earlier it was a feeling. Now it is a genre on which most Bollywood movies are based. That is because people still adore couples who are willing to outdo their limits for their partners and movie theatres have become the only place to find such couples. There is no one now willing to defy the society, relatives and even the family just because they were dumb they were dumb enough to fall in love. Love has become an intelligent people’s field of play. Maybe that’s why it fails at the rise of slightest risk.

Yes there has been a change. While once love made people rise, now people fall in love. Now they tell someone they love them by saying they like them. And while once being in love was a crime, being single is a shame now. Malls, metro, offices, colleges; not a place you wouldn’t find couples, not a place you would find love. Even people these days get into relationships knowing that they are not in love. Cupid needs to tell them love is not for them. You fall in love when you are ready, not when you are lonely. You get into a relationship when you know what it means, not when you want to know what it means. There are over a thousand proposes every day, to hundred couples form, one fifty break themselves and society breaks forty eight; only two emerge winners from sinners. Because the rest nine nine eight were too busy starting the cycle again. Yes people get into relationships all the time, but starting a relationship has never been a difficult thing, it’s maintaining it that tests one.

Love or Lust

Out of a hundred couples, there does exist one helping us by creating a story we could tell our grandchildren, if they don’t find it an awkward topic to talk about. And it becomes an even greater happiness when the story you are telling is your own. Those who have found love in this age of lust would know what it means because they would be the ones who protested, fought and cried but didn’t give in. The world needs an example right now. It needs a couple to take charge and show the world it’s missing the point. It’s not about falling in love, everybody does; it’s about being in love.

A bow to them who are, who have created an age old romance for themselves in this complicated era and have learned they need to fight their grandparents now to earn the admiration of their grandchildren then. Love is like time, it will repeat but it won’t be the same. So hats off to them who will never need to love again. And even though this trend may be to stay for now, yet hopefully somehow our grandchildren would also find a story of two soul mates to at least tell the world, don’t stop believing.

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