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Confessions of an Avid Reader


“Every book is a new world in itself. Unfortunately, our world does not realize it.”

There are so many people around us that get up every morning, do their daily chores and head for work. On the way to work they may listen to music or chitchat. But in my case it’s different- I read. Before going for work, while going to work, in between breaks , after work, after coming back home, before going to sleep and every other time when I am not doing anything else. That is my love for books, that is the degree of loyalty I have towards those lovely pages of the books.

As an avid reader , here are a few confessions that I want to make. I am sure all those who love to read will identify with most of these –

22 May 2014 (1)

1.Books provide solace.

Whoever said that books are a man’s best-friend was a complete genius. They really are. There must be days when you`re capricious and you don`t wanna go out or meet anybody.

Here, you`ve found your perfect escapism- BOOKS.

Grab them to enter into a different world altogether away from the miseries of life. Get lost in a rom-com and find your prince or even live in any damn place you want, isn`t this just perfect?

2.Books gift me with insomnia

When I found that Jane Austen novel which I had been relentlessly looking out for I completely lost my sleep over it, after the next 2 hours I was still hooked on to my book. Yes, I`ve lost sleep because of these little pieces of pages which mean a world to me and guess what? I am happy living life as an insomniac if books be the reason why.


3.I have serious addiction for books.

Okay, go ahead label me a nerd, a geek or whatever such cruel word but nothing`s gonna change me. I am a proud bibliophile to whom drugs or alcohol doesn`t matter as much as books do. Let`s face it!

4.I have ruined my social circle.

I would stay up late, reading. I would miss family dinners because I have this interesting novel that I am reading. I would cancel my dates for the new book that I`ve recently bought. I would skip movies because books are always a winner. So yes, all in all, I just read. Period.

5.I feel guilty.

This guilt just kills me. How could i possibly do that? It`s a shame!

Not completing my novel and moving on to other is a sin for me. Each book is like a baby and you cannot just leave one and turn to another. Oh no, don`t send me to hell for this. Dear God have mercy and faith in me, I will complete it, promise.

6.I feel broken.

Whenever i finish reading a good book i am lost for the next few days. I think and think about that book. Make random analysis of it, formulating various ending to it, relating it to my own life and the worst, feeling broken. Completing a book takes me away from the reality and when it`s finally over i am back in the same place as before. I feel detached. I feel hurt. I feel devastated. How could such an amazing world of ideas and imagination leave me alone to face the bad world again? Not fair. NOT FAIR AT ALL.

7.I love girls who read.

Girls who read are such a turn on. It`s creepy to slyly pry on a girl whose reading and fall in love with her when she happens to read the book that I love.

Who cares about that intellectual level, compatibility level or any such level? I only swear by the READING-LEVEL, which should undoubtedly match.

8.Romance and books.

Okay so, I just hate stereotypes. Why is it that all love stories start at any random place but never a library? Why is it that a man and a woman should meet in a restaurant for their first date and not in some cafe which offers huge number of books to read? Why can`t guys buy books for girls and not drinks?

I will surely give up everything I own (not that my books are included in this) for a guy who would break free from these stereotypes. I can easily fall in love with a guy who can hold on to a conversation regarding books with me.

9.I have high expectation from my lover.

I have read over 100 romantic novels which give out the image of a perfect love. I have read them, which also means that I’ve lived them but more often than not, it`s difficult to replicate the chemistry of lovers in real lives from that of books. I sometimes feel that these books have filled me with unattainable dreams of finding true love. I hate these Mills and Boons for making me a very demanding person in relationships and for setting up unrealistic expectation in me. Right now, I am tired of living surrogatiously living through couples that i have read about in my favourite books. I desperately want to live like they have have.

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