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Concentrate on How you Feel not what you Look; the Anytime Feel Better Workouts!


Anna Feel Good Work Out

Concentrate on how you feel not what you look like , it not always important to drag a fatigued body to gym and come back with a sore, you can get a body as fit as Beyonce with these tricks:

1.Exercise even if you have a real shot span of time. Don’t just give up on working out altogether just for the fact that you are missing out on time. A little jog, some jumping jacks or a round of yoga exercise will help you get through without gaining that extra pound due to eating all day sitting in front of your desktop. You can flash up your favourite music and do some cardio. Even though if these 15 minute schedules don’t help you lose weight they will help you at least retain the structure you posses already. Mix a little cardio with some flexi abs building exercises and you are good to go.

2. Invest in a FitBit, Jawbone, or other fitness tracker. They’re not cheap (plan to spend around $100 to $130), but — they really do make you walk more, especially if you’re the type of person motivated by goals. You’d be surprised how little you walk in a day if you have a desk job. (You’re supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day but if all you do is get up in the morning, go to your cubicle, walk to and from your meetings, and then go home, you probably only rack up about 4,000, 5,000 if you’re lucky.)

3. Mix up your routine.

You don’t have to follow a monotonous routine of doing the same set of exercises. Mix a little cardio with some aerobics. If you want a real fun routine than go for zumba and follow by some cardio. If you are not a gym fan, practice yoga and don’t do treadmill cardio , go running outside. This will also help you relax your mind and will connect you with nature making you feel better in and out.

4. Instead of skipping a workout, focus on how great you’ll feel after.

We have many misconceptions regarding work out, and the first thing you want to skip is your work out if there is any sign of fatigue or if you are feeling tired, on the contrary work outs make you feel more alive, give you your due energy and also secrete hormones that relax fatigued muscles and make you happier.


5. Don’t wait for an occasion to get in shape. 

Don’t start working out in haste just a month before you have to fit into a dress that you have bought for that party. Gyming is a lifestyle; a fit body is not just vanity but your way of living. You just don’t have to fit into that dress its better to follow a regime always, to build your immune system and keep your bodily functions fit and fine. So workout regularly not occasionally


6. Eat. REAL FOOD. 

Okay, so make it as clear as possible that you don’t have to give up on everything tat you loved. No don’t give up on ice creams, sweets and chocolates altogether. Eat real food and then work out as per your shape and fat intake. Starving is not an option, work out instead of raving food.

7. Keep weeknight drinking to a minimum.

Try keeping the alcohol content during week nights to minimum, because drinking during the night hours make you sleep the following day, so avoid drinking completely. And if it is a neccesity  try having it in small amount and do not over do it.


8. Work out at home if you can’t get to a gym. 

if you are not a gym person you don’t have to sulk about not having a fot body, cardio and yoga can totally compensate for the gym and if you want to add a little fun to your regime, try fitness videos that do the rounds these days, there you can even seek some professional advice and can workout without the gym.

9. Exercise when you’re sore. 

There is no need to go for heavy lifting and intense work outs each day, some days can do without them. Go for a brisk walk of a get yourself on the treadmill and you all fine. If you a have any sort of pain or sore in your body keep it easy and light.


10. Focus on how you want to feel rather than how you want to look. 

If you are one of those who just want instant results and a set of eight abs just in a week, to make the long thing short it just doesn’t happen that way, you have to get easy, take time and work out properly on your body, focus on how you feel not on how you look. Chances are once you start, you’ll go for longer.

11. Get sleep. 

You cannot be just working out getting fatigued and remain to be fit and strong if you haven’t got enough sleep in the past half month. It is very important to get enough sleep in order to make your body workout ready. So sleep, it is very important to give your body some rest so that the fatigued muscles get to relax


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