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Commercials that can make you teary eyed


Have you ever liked an advertisement not because it was fun but because it had a sympathetic message in it? It did not endorse any brand rather it urged you to make a move and do good for the society. There was a time when the fun element in the advertisements ruled the idiot box. But times have changed and the ad makers are now directing their attention towards the emotional weak points of the viewers. They know that the audience will not only feel good about the ad but also about the product because of the commercial content. This change was quiet in the beginning but then it was highly pronounced. They are more contemplative, moving and quite bold in their making and previews. The following list gives you some commercials which will make you wipe a tear or two from your eyes. And if you are not doing that, then probably it does not count because you must be a heartless robot!

  1. Google search: reunion


You know that the ad has got a really good spot, if you can turn the sound off and still get the meaning of the ad. The Google search reunion is one such ad. Without sounding snobbish about its marvelous search capacities Google has come up with a first of its own kind, an advertisement in Hindi and yet gained massive responses. The first time I watched this ad on YouTube and a lump formed in my throat. I could not fathom the fact that I actually was about to cry. The story is about two childhood friends who were separated during India’s independence. They were reunited by their grandchildren with the help of Google. The commercial is a success when it comes to showing cultural differences, the music, language and the visuals are a treat for the eye. It is not just an advertisement rather a mini story. It is about 3 minutes and 32 seconds and worth watching.

  1. Budweiser super bowl- puppy love


Have you noticed the sheer cuteness of all those puppies? The commercial featured the classic Clydesdale’s horses and the adorable Labrador puppy. It tells the story of the friendship of two animals in a manner untold. There is the background music of the song let her go and that is it. No dialogues. The story goes like this that a Labrador puppy keeps sneaking under the fence to meet his horse pal. Trouble comes when the puppy is adopted and has to leave his friend behind. The most dramatic intervention of the other horses to unite the two friends leaves us with a tear in our eyes and a smile on our lips. The commercial is a super hit among the viewers and the critics as well. It was the most shared advertisements of the super bowl series of commercials. Go and watch it. You will fall in love with animals and their cuteness.


  1. Pantene


Okay if you have seen the commercial, then you probably must be thinking about its content and the theme used. It is true that the ad is certainly over the top but nonetheless it is very touching. A deaf and mute girl tries to fulfill her wish to become a violinist and encounters all types of difficulties and bullies on her way. But the message is apt for the theme depicted. Since the Pantene shampoos are famous for its ‘you can shine’ policy, the girl musters up all the courage and participates in the music competition. Instead of portraying a typical celebrity flaunting her tresses, the ad is simplistic in showing a girl learning to play violin against all odds. The tagline of Pantene indicates that everyone can unlock her true potential where the brand only plays a subtle. The ad is intended for the viewers to feel an emotional involvement with what is being portrayed in the commercial. The handicapped girl, her old street player teacher, the bullies, the yearning to do something and the background music give a combined empathy. Here is the link to unlock your dreams and make them come true.


  1. Google chrome: dear Sophie


The web is what we make of it. Google ads focus not on the search items rather on the emotions. It seems that Google is actually aiming at our tear ducts and wants to check when is the actual moment when we give up and start to cry. A father, Daniel lee stores his daughter’s picture, videos and writes to her short notes about her life’s small milestones. He creates a Gmail id for her daughter and waits for the time when she would grow up and start to read her mails. He uses YouTube, chrome, maps and other applications of the Google while writing to her. There are small moments like her birth, her first birthday, the day when her brother was born, her fall, her ballet lessons and many more. There is no song just the score of a piano and a violin playing in the background which can well you up within no time.

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