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Colouring your Hair? Wait Till you Read this



Most women love styling and coloring their hair or ‘experimenting’ with their hair as most like to call it. It is nice to look different at times, but it should not come with the cost of extensive damage to the hair. Also, while the person is all pumped up about the new colour or style, they forget that it looks hip and great on the model and will not look good on them – hence, they end up having a disaster. To avoid such disasters, it is important to be aware not only of what you are going to do, but whether it will suit you.

Perhaps the most common hair disasters that some women are involved are to with hair colours. Most of them opt for a wrong colour for their skin tone, choose a product that damages their hair or do not take proper care of their hair after colouring it and their hair fades into a terrible shade. Most of them do it at home without any experience and do it wrong. So what should we remember before colouring one’s hair?

  • What product to choose?

Invest in a good product which will not damage your hair. Revlon, Garnier and L’Oreal are good options.

  • How do I choose my hair colour?

This is where it gets truly tricky. Usually, it is advisable to stick to your skin tone – a few shades darker will look good, a lighter shade will make you look sick and pale. If you want to experiment with unnatural colours like blue and green, seek help from a professional – a good one. See what type of an undertone you have. See the colour of the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue, you have a cool undertone. If they are green it is warm and if they seem to be in between then you are neutral.


If you cannot see the veins, see your face in the mirror with ample light to see its colour.   If the colour is olive, dark colours will suit your face. If you go lighter than your skin tone, it will look fake. If your skin is fair with pink hues avoid colours like red or golden blonde. Go for ash tones that will make you look better. If your skin is pale, you are a little lucky. It suits nearly any hair colour, but you will still have to be careful. Colours that are bright and striking particularly seem to flatter pale skin, but shades that are soft usually make you look washed-out. Black hair colour makes you look paler and very dark hair might make you look older. If you are fair with yellow hues avoid colours that are shades of yellow, orange and golden. Any shade of deep red and brown will look better.

If you want shades of brown, your hair should either be a lighter shade of brown, so that the new colour will only deepen the shade. Also, if you want a hair colour that is low on maintenance and/or your hair is damgaged, suffers breakage, then brown is good option.

If you want shades of red, then you could choose a deep red or purple – red if your skin is fair with pink hues. If it is medium or dark tone that a bright red can be striking if you can carry it off. If it is olive or golden then go for a dark natural auburn or deep red- brown.  It is only if your hair is in a good condition that it will be able to sustain the red colour or else it will fade pretty quickly.

Shades of blonde usually do not suit the Indian skin, so avoid doing so. But if you really want it, go ahead only if you have a neutral undertone. Be very careful with the shade though. Do not make it very light. Also, colouring the hair blonde is high – maintenance. It will be expensive as you will need regular root touch ups and tone it regularly.

  • Am I doing the right thing by colouring my hair?

Well that depends upon your hair type. If your hair is coarse, the colour will take time to stick to it. If you have thin, scanty, damaged hair, then avoid colouring your hair. If you still want to ‘experiment’ go for streaks. You could experiment with many more colours.


  • Is it okay to colour my hair at home?

If you are colouring your hair for the first time, no. If you are trying for striking hair colour, no. If you are going for a simple shade near to your skin tone, yes. If your dying your grey hairs to their original colour, yes.

  • Should I wash my hair before applying the colour?

Nope. Make sure your hair is not washed for at least 12 – 24 hours before you apply the colour.

  • How do I maintain my hair after colouring them?

That is the most important bit.  If you have gone to the salon to colour your hair, then do not wash your hair for at least 48 hours or as long as you can keep them. If you do it at home, remember to lock in the new hair colour molecules into your original hair colour by ironing them. Use mild shampoos or specific shampoos for color treated hair. Use a conditioner that is rich in moisture. While washing your hair, condition the hair first and then shampoo the scalp. Wash your hair in cold water. Avoid using shampoos that specialize in ‘clean hair’. Also do not expose the hair to sun or wind. Cover your hair.  Do no re-dye too often. Maybe after about 6 weeks.

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