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Chasing Tomorrow!



We are so messed up with our busy life. We often ignore our present and keep chasing tomorrow. We always keep planning for our future plans which is a good thing but by ignoring our present not a good idea though. Have you ever thought of how you want your present to go? I guess any of us hardly think about it. Everyone wants to be a successful person in the future and that is ok.

I am not saying that ignore your future because we all need a perfect planning and settled future but it is just that while that also remember you have a present too. I have seen many people around me just bothering about what is going to happen tomorrow without even thinking about how they are spending their today’s life. Don’t you agree? That every person should at least give it a stop to worrying so much about what next is going to show up. We all have been taught from our very own childhood keep everything planned for tomorrow and even study so that you get better high school and better jobs and services.

It is good to plan stuff but what’s the use if you let your all days go in worrying about stuffs. We studied so that we could get promoted to next grade and it continued till we completed the graduation no one ever studied because they were keenly interested in it. Their aim was just to get a secure future. Obviously everyone wants that even I wish for my good future but once have you ever thought of how my today is going to be instead of how I will form my tomorrow. It is difficult to act and easy to say but it is not impossible though. Give it a try at least, you will be proud of yourself and relieved from the stress of tomorrow.

Worries will fly away; everything seems perfect once you start enjoying what you have right now with you instead of complaining about what you don’t have. Once you start enjoying there is no way you can be depressed about thinking what is going to happen next. While caring for future have you ever given a shot to your needs and preferences of today? I guess many of them neglect it. We often live our lives thinking about which high school we should take up? How should we work for that? What will my future be like? What steps should I take to create it that way? How can I earn this much? What measures should be taken so as to fulfill it? So many questions are there with no answers to it but just loads of worries arising out of it and ruining our present. Searching for those answers has lead us to nowhere but we all ended up just torturing ourselves with future having’s and have not’s.


We are so into chasing our tomorrow what we want today is avoided often. Life would be so simple if one can categorize and prioritize what they want and when they want it. The peace that you will feel when life is simple is speechless, right? The worst part of chasing tomorrow is when you plan something and it doesn’t go accordingly you felt dissatisfied and depressed. It’s not that it always fails but in case if it did it is the worst feeling. The way you design your future is not necessary it will be destined the same way because you never know what tomorrow ma bring to you. You may alive or you may be dead to, it’s harsh to say but it is the truth of life you really never can guess what is going to happen the other day.

Anticipating your life is good but if it turns out the same way it’s worth it. Sometimes we are so enthusiast to plan the next day it should be like this, it should be like that but when it doesn’t goes that well how you feel. I bet everyone has faced this situation once at least. Similarly once I had planned a surprised for my friend’s birthday party everything was done well. Everyone was informed I spent my whole day arranging things and doing all sorts of arrangement but lastly all went upside down my whole day was wasted as nothing went right and I was so disappointed by whole thing going wrong. I could even enjoy my present day neither did I enjoyed the other day. It’s not that you shouldn’t plan the day before but at least plan it in a way that you will get your own time to spend so that you don’t have to regret it in future that you didn’t have time to yourselves. It is important to give at least few minutes to yourself so that you get time talk to the best person in the world yes that’s you and no one else around. Trust me. We all need to be in this moment and enjoy what is happening and let time decide where and how it will take us all.

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