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The Charm of Inner Beauty



Looks DO matter, and that is why we often see women exchanging beauty tips and secrets. These tips vary from having a low-calorie diet to applying a specific body lotion for a healthy skin. What makes women more concerned about their outer appearance are the glowing faces of famous models and celebrities who look young even in their 30s and 40s. So, why should the common women lag behind?! But, is outer beauty everything?

Despite, the majority of women’s desire to look good from the outside, there are also those women who care more about cultivating their inner beauty, which is something more worthy of an appreciation. Inner beauty can be defined from many levels. On an emotional level, a sense of peace, contentment or joy creates inner beauty. And on a physical level, it takes the form of positivity, understanding and generosity.

Now, think of one of your those friends who you would call on the first day of your new job, so that you feel more positive and confident about it. Now, the reason why you would call only this particular friend is not because she is beautiful, charming or earns well, but, because, she has a nature to help, a positive attitude that fills everyone around her with positivity. Additionally, her low temper and her ability to listen to everything that you want to say, separates her from all your other friends and gives you the peace of mind when you need it the most.


Although, you have your own positive characteristics and abilities, deep down your heart you want to be like her. You, too, want to cultivate inner peace and contentment, and become the one person your friends would like to be with when in a dire need of help and confidence boost. So, how do you develop inner beauty? The answer is right here.

1. Develop a supporting nature

Everyone wants a friend who is always ready to help them, to give them the necessary support when they need it the most. How about, instead of searching for that one friend, you become that ONE friend?! In this technologically-advanced age, everyone is growing more and more lonely. We have got several friends and followers on social networking sites, but how many of them are actually our ‘friends’ in real life? The cure to this is spending more time with your friends in person. You should devote more time to your friends than laptop or phone. After all, machines don’t have an empathetic nature, in fact, they don’t have any nature/feelings at all. Devoting more time to your friends won’t just give you moments of joy, but also develop your inner beauty.

2. Know yourself

In order to understand people around you, you should understand yourself first. Introspection is the best way to know about yourself. Knowing yourself will make you understand life more and, in turn, it will make you more humane. With that development, you will become more compassionate to others and will be able to understand their problems deeply. You will start feeling a sense of belonging with everyone and everything you care about. To know yourself better, start doing new things, devote more time to yourself, and make a connection with your spiritual side.


3. Eat healthy

To develop inner beauty, you need a balanced combination of healthy body and mind, and it’s widely said that “you are what you eat”. So, to be beautiful from inside, you should eat food that helps you in maintaining a positive mindset. Amino acids like Serotonin (found in fish, egg, yogurt and milk) are well known for creating a feeling of well-being, Omega-3 Fatty acids (Seafood) improve mood. Probiotics and anti-oxidants (Green Tea) are also healthy foods and beverages.

4. Learn to forgive yourself

Everyone commits mistakes, and what’s more important than people forgiving you is you learning to forgive yourself. The mistakes you have committed are a thing of past, they are history, you can’t change them, but you can always learn from them and build a more positive future. Having a positive attitude like this will help you in becoming beautiful from inside. Forgiving oneself is a reflection of inner beauty. With no mistake to be ashamed of, you can positively focus on making your life as well as the lives of people around you worth more than living.

5. Learn to accept things

In life, there are many things which you want to, but can’t change. It becomes important for you to realize that, in life, there are certain things which you can’t prevent or change, but you can always give your best when those things occur. It will only make you a stronger person. You should rise above your struggles and embrace your inner beauty, because inner beauty lies in holding your ground in a storm. Change is the only permanent thing in life, and you should learn to accept changes. All this will only make you stronger and more beautiful from inside.

Once you accept yourself they way you are, all your strengths and your flaws, and understand how life works, you’ll become a better person from inside. You’ll be someone who understands others. This will only make you a better person, someone who is beautiful from the inside. And once you are beautiful on the inside, your outside appearance would hardly matter.

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