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The Changing Paradigms of Relationships


Relationships have been redefined with the onset of virtual age . Although their definition has been subjected to constant change after every decade but they have become a curious matter of study and an object of concern lately only. The survival of the relationships is not independent of the social media anymore. Social media has changed the ways of communication so much that the parameters of relationships have changed. The fact that everything has to go online has taken away the idea of personal life and personal space itself. Outside the chat boxes people appear really laconic and can hardly continue a conversation for more than 5 minutes. Snap chat , Whatsapp and BBM are a rage because they are the new cool or are pretext for being laconic. Updating photos together sending smileys and kisses are more important than having a good understanding with each other. Virtual compatibility has replaced the concept of having an understanding with each other. For instance the amount of time you can spend online is directly proportional to the number of friends you will have and how good your friendship is with them. Loosing touch these days is very easy if you are out of sight . The amusing part is being in sight means being active virtually. These changes have been introduced by social  media in our lives or maybe we have accepted it with open arms in a way that has engulfed our world with changes.

selfie1texting 1

texting 2

One amazing trend which is emerging now a days is that of split the bill . Females say it is their way of satisfying their inner feminist and also to make guys feel emasculated. This change doesn’t come with scary signs except for the part that boys should not become oblivious of the chivalry they must show in front of their dating partners or girlfriends. Opening the door , pulling out out the chair and giving a hand are few of the chivalrous traits which have been pushed into the oblivion as both boys and girls regard it as an overrated cliche style which has no real significance . But that is far away from the truth as these small acts of chivalry and concern help us retain a pleasant social behavior  and bring ourselves to obey the norms which ensure smoothness in relationships and in society as a whole.


no chivalry

Because of the loss of communication there is increased loneliness among people even when they are in relationships or have a dozen of friends . There are different sets of friends a person has hangout friends, party friends , tagging friends , class friends , work friends and friends with benefits. “How are you” has been replaced by “Wassup”.

Today we have relationships of convenience! The moment one is depressed or less chirpy he might end up finding himself alone. Even relationships have become a medium of enjoyment and exploring something new.  The moment one finds boredom in a relationship he/she starts searching outside or breaks it . No wonder we have more extra marital affairs, divorces and easy breakups of friendship. One other reason for these changing paradigms could be the diminishing levels of tolerance towards each other . Whether it is siblings or any friend we part with them if he/she doesn’t act according to us or is no longer useful to us. Time and money are more important in this fast and techno savvy world than emotional needs as people seek to fulfill them in playing games , watching movies or listening to music. The fast and instant world that we live in does not breeds the practice of patience anymore so calling it quits is easier than trying figuring out whats wrong.




The question of the hour is whether we are heading towards a more centralized life with huge social group and evanescent memories with them or towards a life of loneliness where we cannot count on anyone and where we are not sure of who we are . Maybe the latter because for many the former is only an illusion.

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